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Call of Duty: Strike Team launches exclusively for iOS devices

Mobile gamers have often longed for a Call of Duty title worthy of the name and Activision has finally obliged with a brand new iOS-exclusive title, which landed on the App Store on Thursday.

Call of Duty: Strike Team is built-for-mobile from the ground up, according to the publisher, and is a £4.99 download for the iPhone and iPad, with an Android launch possible in the months and weeks to come.

The game, which combines the traditional first-person shooter action with a top-down third-person view for reconnaissance and co-ordinated strike attacks, is set in 2020 and sees players lead a US Joint Special Operations Team in a war with an unknown enemy.

The game, developed by UK-based mobile studio Blast Furnace, marks the first time Activision has bestowed an exclusive version of its marquee franchise on the touchscreen market.

Previously, iOS devices owners have been able to access the Call of Duty: Zombies spin-off, plus a version of Black Ops, but neither have lived up to the standards expected from a Call of Duty game.

The game is a substantial 1.31GB download and gamers are able to make use of in-app purchases to buy token to boost their weapons arsenal, while gaining special abilities that have previously only featured in the console versions of the game.

Have you given Strike Team a whirl yet? Does it live up to the Call of Duty name? Does it whet your appetite for the forthcoming launch of Call of Duty: Ghosts? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.