Cake Tin Sized Laser All-In-One

For those with small offices or people living anywhere in London.

Want an all-in-one that takes up less space than an illegal Vietnamese housemaid? Samsung has the answer…


The SCX-4200 claims to be 15 per cent smaller than any other smart aleck do-it-all on the market. Now once again I must profess not to follow the dimensions of printers with quite the same pride with which I studiously track the measurements of Latin models like Carolina Ardohain and Adriana Lima (yes, I’m not bored of them yet) but at just 409 x 363 x 231mm and 9.2Kg this is one teeny multifunction.

It is zippy too producing a purported 19ppm (Samsung appears one of the few manufacturers to get remotely near their times). Prints and copies can be made at up to 600dpi and scans at an impressive 4800dpi. I have no idea where a 250 sheet paper cassette fits inside, but I guess smaller items have fit on even more svelte shapes in our time.

You’ll get 3,000 pages per toner cartridge and Samsung boasts that you can ride this little fella for 4,000 pages per month without making it collapse into a sweaty mess. The SCX-4200 also carries a very reasonable RRP of £125 (including VAT) so you can use and abuse it without feeling too much guilt. Got the urge? Then sate it because this diddy box of tricks is crying out “Daddy, daddy, take me home” right now.

(I’m happier when I’m off my meds. My friend Benjamin the giant red dragon tells me so)

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