This Xbox One X giveaway nets owners PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds for free

Microsoft has pledged to give away a free copy of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds to all new Xbox One X customers for a limited time only.

In a clear bid to woo prospective buyers of its new and expensive console, Microsoft has launched a special promotional deal that nets you a free game for picking up the console.

The game in question is PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, a PC smash hit that’s recently been ported to Xbox, which would normally cost you around £25.

In an announcement on the official Xbox Wire blog, Microsoft’s Will Tuttle wrote: “Today, in celebration of PUBG coming to the hottest console of the season, we’re excited to announce a special holiday promotion where every Xbox One X purchase will come with a copy of PUGB!”

Tuttle continued: “That means you can join in on gaming’s biggest phenomenon and jump right into the ultimate battle royale experience on Xbox One.”

This particular promotion is only available in select regions, but Microsoft hasn’t confirmed where specifically. We’ve asked Xbox for clarity on whether UK customers will benefit from the promotion, and will update this article with any response. If you’re unsure before purchasing, check with your local retailer – including your local Microsoft Store.

It’s also worth noting that this deal is only available for select dates, with the promotion running between December 17 and December 31. It’s also not clear if existing Xbox One X owners will benefit from this giveaway.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds – or PUBG, for short – is an online multiplayer game that sees up to 100 players parachuted onto an island, where they’re left to fend for themselves. The idea is to scavenge for weapons and equipment in a bid to become the last person standing, giving the game a very distinctive Hunger Games-style theme.

The game was originally released on Windows via Steam’s early access beta program way back in March 2017, and has already sold over 24 million copies. A proper release of the game is scheduled for December 20, 2017. Microsoft has also released it for the Xbox One via the Xbox Game Preview program, generating upwards of a million sales in just three days.

Unfortunately, the Xbox release has been plagued by issues, with many players complaining that the Xbox port is far less polished in terms of gameplay and graphics compared to the PC equivalent. It seems likely, however, that these issues will be fixed in the near future.

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