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Burger-flipping robot taken off duty after one shift because it wasn’t working quickly enough

A robot that started working at a burger restaurant this week has already been taken off duty, because it isn’t fast enough.

Flippy, a spatula-wielding, patty-flipping robot capable of cooking up to 2,000 burgers a day, was switched off after just a single shift at CaliBurger in Pasadena. Its creators, Miso Robotics, need to upgrade it to ensure it can cope with heavy customer demand.

According to CaliBurger, general interest in Flippy brought far more customers and orders to the Pasadena outlet than the robot could handle.

As well as upgrading it, CaliBurger says it will teach its human employees − who still need to actually take the customers’ orders, prepare the patties and place them on the flattop, and serve the finished burgers − the best way to work alongside Flippy.

USA Today reports that Flippy is still stationed at the grill, but has been switched off. A sign says it will be cooking again “soon”, but hasn’t revealed an exact date.

“Flippy is currently in Public Pilot at CaliBurger Pasadena … and expanding its work hours as it trains and improves. We plan to bring Flippy to a CaliBurger near you very soon,” CaliBurger’s website reads.

“The Caliburger family would like to invite you to come and see Flippy in action!” Just not all at once.

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