Bungie Jumping Off The Microsoft Ship?

As rumours go, this one has a reasonable level of credibility.

Were it not a violation of the laws of physics, I would swear blind the rumour mill was powered by some manner of perpetual motion device – it just does not stop. The latest gossip has it that Bungie, who you may know as the makers of a small games franchise called Halo, are set to part ways with Microsoft seven years since the two companies formed their union.

The original “news” came from a member of the Seattle Post-Intelligencer Blogs named Jake Metcalf who himself heard it from ‘a friend who has someone close that works at Bungie’ or, in other words, he knows a guy who knows a guy. However, several other sites now allege to have contacted various Bungie insiders of their own and are lending support to the hearsay.

Supposedly, then, Bungie is buying itself back from Microsoft for an unspecified but not insubstantial amount of cash. Considering how much the Halo franchise has raked in over the years, that would likely be a lot. Word is that an official announcement will be made on the 6th, so as not to impact on quarterly financial results.

Unsurprisingly the Microsoft line is that it will neither confirm nor deny any rumours and that they are very pleased with Halo 3, the latest in the series. Whether the rumours are true or not remains to be seen and we’ve heard it said before that Bungie was leaving Microsoft, obviously with no outcome. Eyes and ears peeled folks.

Original SeattlePI Blog rumour.