Building the world’s first modular smartwatch – Inside Tech

“Technology is an extension of who we are” according to Marcus Kane, designer of the world’s first modular smartwatch.

After 3 years of development and over $1.6 million of Kickstarter crowdfunding, the BLOCKS modular smartwatch is almost ready to launch. But this British-based start-up faces strong competition from the likes of Apple, Samsung and Fitbit, so can its unique modular design and strong community-backing really give them an edge?

We sat down with BLOCKS’ co-founder, designer and social media manager at Imperial College London’s engineering and robotics lab to find out how the project got started, the challenges of designing a modular smartwatch and how crowdfunding has revolutionised start-ups.

WATCH: Building the world’s first modular smartwatch:

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The BLOCK smartwatch is available to pre-order now for $330.

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