BT Whole Home WiFi: Now under £100 or get a free Google Home Mini

BT has slashed the price of one of our favourite mesh Wi-Fi systems, lopping £50 off the price. OR, get a three-pack with a free Google Home Mini!

Usually available for £150 or more, the two-pack version of BT’s Whole Home Wi-Fi system is one of the best-value options available. For £99, which is what this deal is currently at, it’s an absolute steal.

BUY NOW: BT Whole Home for £99 at Argos or Currys or Amazon

OR, grab a three-pack for your larger home and get a free Google Home Mini! This deal’s also over at Currys.

BUY NOW: BT Whole Home with free Google Home Mini at Currys 

For those not in the know, a mesh networking system is able to seamlessly extend your Wi-Fi network over your entire house, with no drop-outs and no need to manually switch from your downstairs router to your upstairs extender. Mesh Wi-Fi benefits all multi-floor houses and multi-room flats. A two-pack Wi-Fi extender is perfect for a two-up, two-down sort of house.

Here’s how we concluded our BT Whole Home Wi-Fi review:

“The BT Whole Home Wi-Fi does exactly what it says it will. It effortlessly provides reliable, fast Wi-Fi coverage for your whole home (within reason). It will reach far further than any single router, and avoids all the hassle of traditional Wi-Fi extenders.

What’s more, it does this for a lower price than most other “whole-home” systems; it’s £50 cheaper than the Netgear Orbi, and £200 cheaper than the three-node Linksys Velop system. There are cheaper whole home systems available, but not ones that provide the sort of Wi-Fi speeds of these three systems.”

BUY NOW: BT Whole Home for £99 at Argos  or Currys

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