BT to launch 4G mobile network in coming days

BT is set to re-enter the mobile market fray with the launch of its own 4G cellular network this week.

According to a report by The Telegraph, BT will announce the new service, to be called BT Mobile, in the middle of the week.

It also revealed that BT Mobile would only be available to BT broadband customers initially – that’s around 7.6 million customers, currently.

BT Mobile will run as a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO), effectively piggybacking on EE’s network to offer its own service.

This rental agreement was signed back in 2013, which was before BT announced its plans to buy out EE.

The £12.5 billion acquisition is still undergoing scrutiny by regulators, and won’t be finalised until the end of 2015.

It seems that BT is going ahead with the launch of its BT Mobile service regardless of the outcome of the review, however.

BT EE Deal: Is it a good thing for consumers?

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Interestingly, BT seemingly confirmed The Telegraph’s report, providing the following comment: “We’re very much on track to launch consumer mobile services this financial year.”

“We will start by offering these new services to our existing customer base and will tell you more about them.”

Considering the current financial year ends in approximately eight days, it’s clear BT plans to send its service live within the next week.

According to sources, BT won’t market BT Mobile heavily at first, instead waiting until the football seasons ends in summer.

BT then reportedly plans to bundle BT Mobile with its other services including pay-TV, which will offer exclusive coverage of Champions League and Europa League football.

The telecoms giant is alleged to have paid £897 million for the rights to the content, and ‘is expected to use them to spearhead a renewed attack on Sky’, the report reveals.