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BT hikes prices yet again with BT Sport and broadband customers bearing the brunt

BT has hiked its prices up for the fourth time in three years, with the latest rise coming into effect on Sunday.

For people with full phone, calls and broadband packages, the yearly price for the lot has risen to more than £600 a year,

Such a price bump may only equate to a rise of £2 a month, but when services likes Plusnet, ironically a wholly-owned subsidiary of BT, are offering phone and broadband packages for a good deal less per annum, BT’s price hikes are likely to leave a sour taste for its customers.

Current Plusnet deals for example could save up to £350 per year if BT customers out of contract with the telecoms provider switched to Plusnet.

BT’s price hike will hit customers of its broadband and BT Sport packages the hardest, as the company is increasing the prices it charges for such services rather than increase the cost of line rental.

Customers on BT’s Infinity broadband will need to pay an extra £2.50 a month, and BT Sports customers will see their monthly bills rise by the same amount to £10 a month if they don’t get BT Sport through BT TV. BT customers can avoid the price hikes if they sign up to a new contract with the company.

“We are investing more than ever in broadband, including boosting the speed, data and cloud storage of millions of customers,” a BT spokesman told The Guardian, noting personalised offers for customers were are also available.

“They can stay on the same broadband deal for the same price as they were paying before this change, if they sign a new contract. Or they can choose to upgrade to a better product, usually offering more speed or more data, for their new price, which will be frozen for 18 months.”

BT has better ensure its price increases lead to improved services, as with the likes of Sky offering competitive broadband, phone and TV deals, BT could end up with disgruntled customers ready to jump over to its rivals.

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