BT Planning 50Mbit Broadband

VDSL2 discussions underway.

While ADSL2+ and Virgin Media’s lightening 20Mbit cable service have more than quenched our current thirst for racing fast broadband, it looks like BT is wary we’re soon going to be more parched than ever…

According to the Financial Times, the former monopolist is having internal discussions about the possibility of trialling VDSL2 (Very High Speed Digital Subscriber Line 2) inside three years – a technology which can deliver speeds of up to 100Mbps.

The big snag is the investment a move to VDSL2 would require with nationwide upgrades estimated to cost in the region of £4bn coupled with the currently limited demand for such monstrous bandwidth – at least until high definition video on demand begins to take off. Projects like BT Vision and BBC iPlayer should however soon provide some indication of popularity.

As for VDSL2 it is an interesting technology since it can be deployed from a street cabinet, not limited to an exchange. This means line lengths are considerably shorter with anyone within 0.5km of an upgraded cabinet hitting 100Mbps and those inside 1km managing 50Mbps.

Rather like graphics cards I have the feeling here that for once the technology is finally surpassing the demands we can put upon it, but that’s the kind of luxury we’ve all been dreaming about for far too long…

Financial Times Article (note: registration required)

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