BT & FON Create ‘World’s Largest WiFi Network’

And it's free...

There’s a saying about the early bird and that certainly describes FON which, just four days after launching in the UK, has inked a deal with British Telecom to create potentially the world’s largest WiFi community.

Under the agreement, BT will invite its 3m+ consumer Total Broadband customers to join the FON global WiFi sharing community. Those who agree will immediately have free access to 190,000 existing FON hotspots along with BT’s premium existing hotspot network BT Openzone, including 12 Wireless Cities.

This is a tempting prospect indeed and for those with short memories (or who are too lazy to re-read this) all a user has to do is agree to publically share a small proportion of their home WiFi connection with other FON users.

Speaking enthusiastically on the announcement, Gavin Patterson, BT’s Consumer MD, said: “This is the start of something very exciting for BT. Today we are launching a people’s network of Wi-Fi, which could one day cover every street in Britain”.

“We are giving our millions of Total Broadband customers a choice and an opportunity. If they are prepared to securely share a little of their broadband, they can share the broadband at hundreds of thousands of FON and BT Openzone hotspots today, without paying a penny.”

“We have built a public Wi-Fi network and 12 Wireless Cities already, but today we are saying to customers, let’s build a Wi-Fi community together, which covers everywhere and serves everyone.”

Of course you don’t have to be a BT Total Broadband customer to join FON – just request a router here but it is a simple and easy way to make life on the move that little bit easier…

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