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Revolution’s Charles Cecil: Broken Sword’s goat puzzle ‘broke the rules’

We got Charles Cecil, the CEO of adventure game specialists Revolution, into the Trusted Reviews studio last week, and we figured it was high time to ask him about one of Revolution’s most fiendish creations: Broken Sword’s Goat Puzzle. On video. With no escape.

When I’m designing puzzles, the most important thing is that the puzzles are within the context of the story so that they’re not just put there as a blocker.” Cecil said.

Explaining the solution to one of the hardest video game puzzles of all time, which involves you getting knocked to the floor by a goat in order to best it, Cecil admits: “Basically, it was a cheat. It was a cheat because for the first time in the game, we were requiring the player to do something that was slightly different.”

Here, you can hear Cecil explaining the origins of the puzzle, how the team broke the rules trying to bamboozle some of the game’s most vocal fans, and how Cecil made a mortal enemy in the shape of one particular London cabbie.

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