Bowers & Wilkins Enters Premium iPod Speaker Space

Finally, an alternative to the hugely overrated Bose system.

With a near endless stream of cheap and nasty iPod speaker docks on the market it’s about time some more high end products got a look in. Trust the Brits then to get it right…

Famed English speaker manufacturer Bowers & Wilkins (I have always used B&W speakers – ed.) has answered the call and come up with the ‘Zeppelin’ (if you need to ask ”Why” this name? Then you should be sent straight to bed with no supper) and it looks set to cause some waves.

Barely two feet wide (ah, I love hearing ”English” measurements), the Zeppelin houses midrange and tweeter drivers in much the same way as the famous ‘pods’ of Bowers * Wilkins’ world class 800 series loudspeakers and incorporate a single five inch 50 watt subwoofer located in the centre and three channels of amplification with 25 watts for each two way mid/high frequency section: in English, it’s loud!

Adding even more into the bundle, the Zeppelin also offers S-video and composite video outputs to deliver iPod videos onto a big screen, while an analogue/mini-jack input means it is also compatible with virtually any ‘non-iPod’ device.

The Zeppelin touches down in the US first next month for a suitably premium $599 and we won’t find it gracing our shelves until next year. That said, for any seriously audiophiles out there – and just ”look” at it! – the Zeppelin certainly seems worth the wait, especially when compared to the similarly priced and completely overrated Bose…

Bowers & Wilkins

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