Borderlands 3: All the latest on Gearbox’s next big shooter

Gearbox Software has become synonymous with Borderlands since the loot-driven co-op shooter’s inception back in 2009, and for good reason. The combination of team-based gameplay, open world exploration and sharp, witty writing kept us entertained for hours. Now, after the lukewarm reception to Battleborn, Gearbox is seemingly hard at work on a third entry.

Trusted Reviews has compiled everything you need to know about Borderlands 3 including its release date, gameplay and all the latest news. We’ve also put together a wishlist of things we’d love to see introduced!

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What is Borderlands 3?

With Borderlands 2 launching way back in 2012, fans have been waiting eagerly for news on the upcoming sequel. Luckily, we now know it’s in development thanks to Randy Pitchford confirming the project’s existence on Twitter back in April 2016.

It remains unknown whether Borderlands 3 will return to the planet of Pandora alongside familiar characters such as Claptrap, Tiny Tina and Siren. The cast has built up quite a reputation amongst fans in recent years, and we’d personally like to see them return.

Our money is on Borderlands 3 maintaining the mixture of loot, shooting and exploration that kept players hooked for months on end back in 2012. Gearbox will also be likely to apply lessons it learnt from the development of Battleborn.

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Borderlands 3 release date – when is it coming out?

A release window for Borderlands 3 remains unconfirmed, although we’ll likely see an official announcement in the coming months. Judging from tweets and statements from Gearbox Software and parent company Take-Two Interactive, the project has been in development for several months at least.

During a March investors call, Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick said a “highly anticipated new title from one of 2K’s biggest franchises” is in development for the fiscal year of 2019. This would give Borderlands 3 a release window ranging from October 2018 to September 2019. However, this could also be referring to Grand Theft Auto 6, but thankfully isn’t referring to Red Dead Redemption 2, as although that was delayed, we’ll finally see that arrive next spring.

One final cherry on top of the release date window pie is another tweet by Randy Pitchford. This one sees him wearing a motion capture suit. His comments lead us to believe he’s talking about Borderlands 3, a series renown for its zany variety of bandits.

With Battleborn’s final update on the horizon, it’s safe to assume that the entirety of Gearbox Software will be focusing on Borderlands 3 going forward. Sounds good to us!

Borderlands 3 wishlist – things we’d love to see

Keep the loot coming!

Borderlands original pitch was focused entirely on the obscene number of weapons to be found across Pandora. In both games, it wasn’t uncommon to come across a new firearm every couple of minutes.

You were constantly switching up your arsenal to increase attack power and accommodate for different enemy types. We want this to continue in Borderlands 3, and perhaps be expanded upon with greater weapon types and potential for customisation.

A bigger, better villain

Handsome Jack proved to be a brilliantly entertaining villain in Borderlands 2, and the cavalcade of downloadable content only went and introduced more and more lovingly crafted baddies.

We want Borderlands 3 to take things up a notch, introducing a primary antagonist capable of constantly outsmarting us right until the very end. This will make bringing them down all the more satisfying.

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A few extra multiplayer modes

Destiny 2 is arguably the king of loot-driven shooters at the moment, meaning Gearbox Software has a lot of catching up to do if it hopes to dethrone Bungie’s juggernaut. Perhaps an assortment of objective-based and team deathmatch modes could work in the Borderlands framework, having classes assist each other with different abilities like they would in Blizzard’s Overwatch?  

Having you and friends team up for something beyond shooting the fudge out of AI-controlled enemies could work really well, especially if the modes are curated to take specific advantage of all the different class variants.

More Classes!

Discussing the addition of more modes inevitably brings us onto the subject of character classes, which we’d also like to see increased in Borderlands 3. The first two titles experimented with different classes, but never massively expanded its ambition in terms of how many classes we could toy with at any given time.

In addition, we’d also love to see a fully-fledged hub area where we can create and swap between multiple characters. If Borderlands 3 ends up being as staggeringly large as its predecessors, we’d love more than a couple of heroes to choose from at any given time. Being stuck with same skills and abilities across the entire campaign can grow a bit tiresome.

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