BMW ConnectedDrive Reads Out Your Tweets

Ever fancy checking your Facebook and Twitter updates while driving?

A new collaboration between text-to-speech specialists Nuance, and

Teutonic vendors of automotive goodness, BMW, could let you do so without taking your eyes off the road.

Nuance has announced that it is powering the voice

technologies behind BMW’s latest ConnectedDrive system which will let drivers stay

connected to Twitter and Facebook while on the go.

The technology will let you hear readouts of status and news

updates from your favourite social networks. Many of you may be wondering just

who wants to hear their Facebook news feed read out to them, but it seems as if

it’s quite a few people.

According to research carried out in Germany, almost half of drivers

polled said they would like to have the ability to dictate  and hear messages while


Nuance BMW ConnectedDrive

“BMW ConnectedDrive gives drives the option to stay

connected to Facebook and Twitter feeds by simply pushing the ‘Play’ button to

have comments and updates read aloud with Nuance’s natural, multilingual and

humanlike text-to-speech technology.”

The BMW ConnectedDrive featuring Nuance’s text-to-speech is

available in 14 different languages. It operates through an app on the

driver’s smartphone and will even read out appointments from your calendar – so

you will know if you need to speed up or slow down while on the road.