Bluetooth Version 2.1 Given Unanimous Approval

The way it should have been from the start.

If Gordon didn’t get the idea that Bluetooth Version 2.1 was a big deal across to you, then you clearly weren’t listening. Pairing is finally sorted out, so you can just touch devices together to connect them – doing away with all that searching nonsense. Battery life is a brilliant five times more than Version 2.0, so not only can you actually connect your devices together without going mad, but you also use them for a reasonable period of time.

The big news is that the Bluetooth Special Interest Group has unanimously agreed to the adoption of the standard. The SIG, an 8,000-member association responsible for the advancement of Bluetooth technology, expects vendors such as Broadcom and Texas Instruments to have modules ready almost immediately, with commercial products available towards the end of the year. Of course with wireless USB products now hitting the market, it remains to be seen whether demand will stay as great as it has been, but with a reported 15 million products a week being sold, we can expect Bluetooth to stick around a while longer.

Bluetooth 2.1+EDR homepage

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