Blu-ray’s BD+ Encryption Cracked

This is why you shouldn't call your protection unbreakable.

Sony was pretty pleased with itself when it implemented BD+ encryption on Blu-ray discs earlier this year, reckoning that it would be several years before anyone could crack the protection. Unfortunately, it’s Gordon who made the more accurate prediction, because mere months later here we are and BD+ has been cracked.

Unsurprisingly, it is SlySoft who have had a hand in the cracking, so a new version of AnyDVD HD should be available before the new year. Said software will allow the backing up of Blu-ray movies to a hard drive or the direct copy of discs and other similarly nefarious activities.

Of course the $30 software does require a rather more expensive Blu-ray drive to be of any use and if you copy a film you’ll pay more for a blank disc than for a ‘real’ version anyway. On that basis, this will probably stand more as an example of “we told you so” than a real threat to Blu-ray anti-piracy fanatics.

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