BlackBerry PlayBook Set For Price Cut

Last week RIM reported a massive drop in profits of almost 60

per cent in the previous three months. One of the major reasons behind such

poor results was the abject failure of the BlackBerry PlayBook to make a dent

in the tablet market.

Now, it is being reported that RIM will try and ship its 

stock of PlayBooks in a fire sale, similar to the one carried out by HP

following its decision to do away with the TouchPad.

The TouchPad was briefly available to savvy shoppers for the

budget-busting price of just £89 – down from £399 when it was launched. Also announced at the earnings call last week was the fact that inventories more than doubled at the

Canadian company, indicating that it is having a lot of trouble shifting its stock.

The PlayBook cost around the £400 mark when it was launched

back in May, and considering the poor reaction it has received from all parts,

we would imagine it would need to cut the price to sub-£100 if it is to be a


BlackBerry PlayBook

In the company’s home territory of Canada, employees of the Rogers

network are being offered the tablet at half price and RIM acknowledged during

last week’s earnings call that it could cut prices, though by how much and when

has yet to be revealed.

Speaking of HP’s TouchPad, images have emerged of the

7in variant of the now-obsolete webOS tablet. Codenamed Opal, it was said to be

just weeks from shipping when HP decided to toss it in the bin with all the

other webOS hardware.

HP TouchPad 7in Opal

A number of units managed to make it into the wild however

with a picture emerging on a Chinese forum last night.

The device appears to match-up with the one run through

the FCC last month. The 7in device has the same 1,024 x 768 screen resolution

and 1.5GHz Snapdragon processor as its larger sibling.

We imagine there could be a HP warehouse packed full of

7in TouchPads somewhere in the world which will never see the light of day,

which is a very sad thought indeed.

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