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BlackBerry A10 to be game-focused and shaped like a Samsung Galaxy S4

Fresh reports are claiming that the forthcoming BlackBerry A10 will come with an unexpected focus on gaming, and that it’ll resemble a Samsung Galaxy S4.

Echoing what an industry insider informed TrustedReviews last month, multiple trusted sources of BGR‘s have claimed that the forthcoming BlackBerry A10 smartphone is going to be the most capable, powerful BlackBerry yet with a media-friendly 5-inch Super AMOLED display.

More interestingly, the BlackBerry A10 will come with “a huge focus on gaming.”

Despite being geared towards “power and gaming,” the A10 will only come with a dual-core processor. Apparently, BlackBerry has been unable to make the jump to a quad-core architecture – either due to concerns over battery life or because of difficulties optimising BlackBerry 10 for a quad-core setup.

Still, this dual-core CPU will reportedly be backed by a healthy 2GB of RAM, and the BlackBerry A10 will apparently adopt the same silicon as the iPhone, with separate CPU and GPU processors. In the iPhone’s case, this has certainly resulted in a string of highly capable gaming smartphones.

The report also has something to say about the BlackBerry A10’s design. It’ll apparently closely resemble the Samsung Galaxy S4, though if anything it’ll be larger. It’s also described as being “more rounded and less aggressive-looking” than the BlackBerry Z10.

It’s claimed that we can expect to see the BlackBerry A10 launching some time this autumn.

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