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Best Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2019 UK Deals

What is Black Friday? And more importantly, when is Black Friday this year? Our guide tells you all you need to know

What and when is Black Friday 2019?

  • Black Friday 2019 isn’t confirmed yet, but we expect it to be on November 29th, based on previous years.
  • Cyber Monday 2019 would therefore take place on the following Monday – the 2nd December.

Black Friday is traditionally when Amazon focuses its efforts on technology discounting, but recently other retailers have jumped on the event to offer their own deals at this time. So it’s well worth being prepared, as it’;s a brilliant time to do discounted Christmas shopping.

This page will, nearer the time, be where we bring you our picks of the best Black Friday 2019 deals.

Why is it called Black Friday?

  • Black Friday is a yearly deals bonanza that started in the US. Traditionally it was a physical sale run by major US retailers like Target and Best Buy that occurred the Friday after Thanksgiving.
  • There’s some difference of opinion about why it got its name, but one plausible sounding theory is it marked the point in the year when retailers moved from being in the red, to being in the black. Make of that what you will.
  • Over the years it’s turned into something of a global sales extravaganza, as major global retailers like Amazon embraced the tradition and started rolling out deals outside the US.

It has since spread to numerous other countries, including the UK. These days in the run up and days after Black Friday pretty much every store under the sun, including Argos, John Lewis, Currys, Argos and use the period to release a number of important money saving deals.

The only downside is that many of the deals have a limited lifespan and retailers use the period as an excuse to clear old stock and products that aren’t necessarily the best available. This can make it difficult to know if the deal you’re looking at is a steal or a lemon.

Hence why Trusted Reviews gets involved. We assess all Black Friday deals both through our product expertise, and by checking the price history of featured products, so you can be sure that products are the real deal.

What is Cyber Monday?

  • Cyber Monday is another import from the US. It started as a follow up to Black Friday that was created by retailers. The campaign was designed to encourage buyers to shop online the Monday after Black Friday.
  • Like Black Friday the yearly tradition has slowly made its way over the pond and now it’s not unusual for the retailers outside the US to run Cyber Monday deals. 
  • However unlike Black Friday, as the name would suggest, Cyber Monday is a tech focused event. Traditionally retailers have offered a range of stellar deals covering TVs, games consoles, tablets, smartphones, wearables, headphones and everything in between.

In the past discounts have ranged from minor price cuts to up to over 50% off products from big name brands.

If you don’t get the deal you’re after during Cyber Monday don’t worry. The same group of retailers also launch a number of great deals during the Boxing Day sales after Christmas.

How long do Black Friday and Cyber Monday last?

Not only does Black Friday start earlier and earlier every year, it runs longer and longer, especially at non Amazon retailers. Nowadays, it runs through the following weekend, into Cyber Monday and then often through the rest of the week.

Are Black Friday and Cyber Monday really the best time for discounts?

Trusted Reviews has surveyed our readers several times in recent years and have found some skepticism about how good the deals are.

In 2018 we found that nearly 40% of people didn’t think that the year’s Black Friday would represent as good value as previous Black Friday events. However, we also found that nearly a third of those questioned by Trusted Reviews regarded Black Friday as a good time to shop for bargains, and over 25% said they typically start their Christmas shopping on Black Friday.

Partnering with a price comparison site that was able to assess historic pricing trends, we found that, certainly for premium technology, Black Friday was a good pre-holiday shopping opportunity, with a number of products showing substantial discounts across the Black Friday period.

Black Friday 2019 UK – Black Friday sales from UK retailers

Every retailer will get involved for Black Friday in the UK. But the biggest players will be Amazon, Currys, Argos, John Lewis, Very, AO and all of the major supermarkets.

  • Amazon Black Friday: Amazon is the biggest beast of Black Friday deals, offering a range of deals across its entire product portfolio. We saw some solid Prime Day offers this year, and expect to see the same during Cyber Week.
  • Currys Black Friday: If you’re after some of the perhaps less glamorous items like a new washing machine or fridge freezer, Currys might be your destination of choice. Last year the Samsung AddWash washing machine had £300 taken off its price.  The PC World half of Currys PC World often also has good discounts on laptops from the likes of HP, Lenovo and Asus.
  • Argos Black Friday: If there’s one area where Argos is particularly strong around Black Friday, it’s toys. The retailer is already famous for its regular 3 for 2 discounts, but it usually ramps things up even more. So if you’re shopping for Christmas gifts for the younger family members, it should be your first stop.
  • John Lewis Black Friday: There’s the ‘Never Knowingly Undersold’ policy where it’s constantly price-matching its competitors.
  • Debenhams Black Friday: Debenhams is another well known high street retailer which usually runs Black Friday promotions.

Black Friday shopping tips  – how to get a good deal

Hunting for deals is a tricky business. With retailers rushing deals out at a near frenzied pace even the most tech savvy buyer can easily miss a banging deal or even worse, pick the wrong one. Find out our Black Friday shopping tips here, or read on:

  1. Do your research: Flash sales are great, but it’s all too easy to let the excitement get ahead of you and buy a product that doesn’t meet all your requirements just because it’s cheap. If you go in with a list of greenlit products from the start you’ll save yourself a lot of panic and potential buyers’ remorse.
  2. Know your budget: You’ll also want to decide your budget before hand. It’s all too easy to overspend, which can lead to issues further down the road. As a result you should always walk into the event with a firm figure in your head and keep a record of every purchase.
  3. Check the RRP: All too often retailers will inflate products’ RRP ahead of Black Friday and Cyber Monday in a bid to make deals look more impressive. You can manually check the actual RRP with a quick Google search, or if you’re a little more technical use price history tools like Keepa to see what they sold for earlier in the year.
  4. Shop around: If you’re after a specific product make sure to check multiple stores and online retailers before you buy. During Cyber Monday it’s not uncommon for retailers to run deals on the same products and prices can fluctuate massively as a result.

Black Friday 2019 UK: deals to avoid

When shopping during Black Friday it’s equally important to know what deals to avoid as it is which to jump at. This is because retailers can use a few tricky tactics to make deals look better than they are. A standard one is to inflate a product’s RRP to make the deal look bigger than it actually is.

  • Just because a store front lists a product as having a ridiculous 50% price tag, doesn’t actually mean it’s half price. The listed RRP could be its launch price, rather than what it generally retails for today. This is especially true on products with multiple year shelf lives, like TVs and fridges.
  • You should always check the average price the product retails for before deciding whether the deal you’re looking at is a steal. Thankfully there are a few tools available that can help you do this. If you’re shopping on Amazon Keepa lets you know the average price the product you’re looking at has been selling for using an easy to read graph, for example.
  • Finally, just because it’s cheap doesn’t mean it’s good. Black Friday always sees a number of brands most people have never heard of come out of the woodwork offering unbelievable features sets at rock bottom prices. Sadly, all too often these products don’t live up to their promises – not every brand can be the next OnePlus or Xiaomi. Where possible it’s always best to go with a brand you know and trust.

Grey Imports – price vs quality of service

One big area of confusion can often arise around ‘grey imports’. On the surface, these can look like fantastic deals. But what you need to be aware of is that these grey imports are often products imported from outside the EU, often from Hong Kong or China.

This can be problematic for a number of reasons. First off, if actually being shipped to you directly from halfway across the world, delivery time can be very slow. Think weeks to even months. Then you have to factor in the chance of having to pay customs duty when your item reaches the UK.

Some grey importers will have these products located in the UK already, which does avoid the above pitfall. However, as these products originate from outside the UK, they can often not be covered by a local warranty. That’s a problem if you encounter any issues down the line and need manufacturer support. In the long run, that saving might not look so great after all.

There are also other problems you might not expect, like manuals not being localised. You might also find yourself scrambling for a plug adaptor as it might not be the three-prong plug you need for the UK, or missing out on accessories you would normally get from an item bought here.

Beware the ‘Bait and Switch’

In the past, retailers have gotten themselves in hot water for misleading consumers by luring them in with massive discounts, only for them to find out the item in question is ‘out of stock’.

Where things got murkier, was when these out of stock items were suddenly back on sale for the full price the following day after Black Friday was finished. This meant that in all likelihood that product was still in stock but pulled from sale early. Consumers were quite rightly annoyed.


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