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Bitsbox gives kids a new coding project every month

The government recently added coding to the national curriculum. If your child can’t get enough, check out Bitsbox.

It’s a free website where kids learn how to code apps for real devices. If they subscribe, they get a box packed with new programming projects every month delivered to their door.

The website is already up and running, and is free for anyone who wants to give it a go. It’s good fun, and a decent introduction to the world of programming. But the boxes are what we’re really interested in.

They’re full of coding-related goodies to help spur kids’ interests in the subject, including stickers, tattoos, cards, monthly discounts, plus a mystery toy. They also include the all-important code they’ll need to type into Bitsbox.com to build an app. Enter it all correctly, and they can use the app they’ve made, which should be enough encouragement for even the most coding-phobic of children.

But they don’t have to stick to what the makers dictate. Like Lego, the real fun starts when they play around and make it their own. Don’t like the look of that pink pig? Make him blue instead. The music getting on their nerves? Change it. It lets kids learn the power of coding, and how they can go about creating their own projects. Which makes it a pretty powerful tool.

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They’re not confined the the computer screen either. Scan the QR code, and they can use the app on their mobile or tablet.

The makers previously worked at Google on its SketchUp program, so they have very good pedigree. Bitsbox has already passed its funding goal on Kickstarter, and should start shipping in April. It’s US-only at the moment, though let’s hope that changes soon.