Big Screen Kindle Coming This Week

Amazon looks set to bring the newspaper industry into the 21st century - and give students even less motivation to get out of bed.

While it took Amazon some time to announce a successor to the original Kindle it seems a third device could be with us as soon as this Wednesday…

Leaks flying all over the US at present suggesting a bigger screen Kindle awaits us with a new focus on larger format content such as newspapers and textbooks. To this end Amazon has only served to pour petrol on the flames by confirming an event for 6 May to be held at the Pace University – the original base for the New York Times. Could 1 + 1 = 3? It seems unlikely this time.

The event will be hosted by Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos and he will be joined on stage by New York Times big cheese Arthur Sulzberger and Case Western Reserve University president Barbara Snyder so it does indeed look like news lovers and students will be well served here.

Of course being so close to the February launch of the Kindle 2 (above) means whatever we do see announced should be more of a v2.5 than something to make all recent Kindle owners feel deeply vengeful. To that end look out for a larger display and some sort of WiFi based subscription delivery system to get the day’s headlines/coursework and reading material straight to the device.

All of which has me wishing two things: 1. that Amazon would hurry up and release the Kindle in the UK and 2. Why couldn’t I have been a student in 2009…

via Engadget

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