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Vibrator jewellery and orgasm trackers: The best and worst sex tech at CES 2020

After an awards scandal last year, CES sex tech is back on track with a healthy serving of new pleasure gadgets.

This year’s sex tech made a big impression on most CES visitors, with brightly coloured booths and quirky new toys aplenty. Here are the devices that stood out to us – and the ones we’re banning from the bedroom.

The sex tech that gets a big [CENSORED] up

Vesper Touch and Tease – and vibrating necklaces

Crave made a big statement with its booth this year – literally, there was a big statement above the booth stating ‘If we talk about pleasure out of the sheets, we can bring it out of the shadows.’ The team had also lined up a build-a-vibe workshop, where attendees could craft their own vibrators.

But it was the products themselves that deserved the most attention. The Vesper Touch and Tease are disarmingly stylish ring designs, with little portable vibrators attached. The company also had its necklaces on display, which feature discreet vibrators (again) attached to simple metal necklaces.

Lioness Second Generation Vibrator

Using this gadget and app combo, pleasure seekers can keep track of all their orgasm data. According to its makers, the AI-technology reveals “hotspots” where users are close to orgasm.

In theory, this should show you long-term trends in your orgasms and let you “learn your own body.” Perfect for anyone who gets hot for data charts. It also has handy remote control capabilities, so partners can get involved.

Lora DiCarlo’s Baci and Onda

This is the second time that DiCarlo has won an award with her innovative gadgets – hopefully, CTA won’t get all red-faced and try to take it away this year.

The smaller of the devices, Baci, simulates the feel of human lips and is a “clitoral stimulator.” The larger one you can see is Onda, a g-spot massager that’s designed to mimic “the motion of a human finger.”


This brand is firmly positioning itself within in the world of male sexual well being, rather than the pleasure market.

It’s is another gadget and app combo, but this one promises to gamify your climax through the app, so you can train yourself to “improve and enhance your ejaculatory reflex.” The company’s biggest boast is that it can help you significantly extend your pre-climax time.

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Tenuto, Crescendo and the brand new Poco

MysteryVibe always gets a solid thumbs-up for the inclusive designs featured on its stands. This year, the company debuted its Poco device (pictured) which is a smart, bendable bullet vibrator.

Also present was the Tenuto gadget, a vibrator that gives men a helping hand with erections. In the company’s words, the device “makes hard feel easy” thanks to a clever design that increases blood flow. The Crescendo was also on display, which is the brand’s super-malleable vibrator.

OhMiBod blueMotion Nex|3

OhMiBod is a regular at CES, previously showing off a vibrator that you could sync with your music.

The company’s new smart vibrating couple’s ring is an upgrade on the previous couples design – as it’s actually made to be worn as a ring – but still retains the key feature of letting you march to your favourite song’s rhythm.

And a thumbs down for these

Pulse Warming lube dispenser

Lube is great! We just don’t think you need a special little machine to warm it up and spit it out for you. The only place this belongs is in a terrible James Bond porno, where the entire set is crammed with unnecessary sex-related gadgets.

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Max 2 VR Game

Lovense had a strong presence at CES, showing off their male-focused masturbators.

That’s all well and good, but we can’t help but feel that a full-blown VR porn experience is a step towards a dystopian future that we’re not yet ready for.