10 of the best romantic movies on Netflix and Amazon Prime Video right now

The best romantic movies, films, and TV: Your guide to the best romantic streaming and TV options on Netflix and Amazon Prime Video.

When it comes time to getting all romantic, you may want to shun the usual ‘making an effort’ nonsense in favour of staring at a screen.

In which case, you’ll probably need a bit of help to set the mood with some romantic streaming options. And there’s a load of half decent things you can stick on right now.

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1) Michael Bolton’s Big, Sexy Valentine’s Day Special

Michael Bolton

Where to watch: Netflix

What is it? A good question. At first glance this might look like the last thing you want to get in the mood, but it’s not a once semi-relevant singer attempting to interject himself into popular culture again. This whole thing is based on Bolton’s involvement with The Lonely Island guys on Saturday Night Live and features a bunch of SNL alumni including Samberg, Fred Armisen, and Will Forte. Looks like more of a comedic affair than we thought, then.

Any good? We haven’t seen it, but it’s the best Netflx could muster for this year’s Valentine’s Day celebrations and looks likely to be sticking around for a bit longer. Of course, there’s a load of rom-coms that would provide a more normal romantic night in, but why not give this curio a go?

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2) Before We Go

Before We Go

Where to watch: Netflix

What is it? Here’s the good stuff. It’s got all the elements you want from a romantic flick, though it’s short on the ‘com’ element of the classic rom-com. New York? Yep. A chance encounter? Yep. Captain America? You bet. It’s a full-on with the romance and is directed by the Captain himself, which, thanks to his palpable desire to prove himself as a film-maker, adds a bit of a cool indie look to the whole thing.

Any good? It’s saccharine at times, but it’s a rom-com for goodness sake.

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3) Blue Valentine

Blue Valentine

Where to watch: Amazon Prime Video

What is it? Perhaps you like your love failed and gritty. In which case, skip straight past all the rom-coms to this sleekly-shot downer of a film. Michelle Williams is currently being lauded for her efforts in the Oscar-nominated Manchester by the Sea, while Gosling is, of course, receiving similar praise for the sure-to-be bringer of Oscar triumph that is La La Land. Here we get to see the two together and watch their relationship fall apart. It doesn’t get more romantic than that.

Any good? Depends whether you like a touch of realism, a bit of despair, and the idea of a balding Ryan Gosling. If so, get this one on immediately.

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4) Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Eternal Sunshine

Where to watch: Amazon Prime Video

What is it? Just finished Blue Valentine and looking to keep the mood as sullen as possible? You can’t go wrong with Jim Carrey and Kate Winslet falling in love then forgetting who the other person is, then remembering again. It’s a modern classic for many, and deserves your consideration next time you’re in the mood for something a bit romantic.

Any good? It ain’t gonna restore your faith in the enduring power of love to keep two people together, but it might help to establish a reflective mood on your evening, which we all know guarantees a swift transition into the bedroom.

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5) I Love You, Man

I love you man

Where to watch: Netflix

What is it?
: Do romantic movies have to be all romance and no bromance? Of course not. In fact, we’re instituting a new executive order that decrees if you’re a guy without a gal, you should spend all your time bolstering your relationship with mates. And I Love You, Man is the perfect film to bond over.

Rudd and Segel are brilliant, there’s a bunch of genuinely hilarious jokes, and Rudd’s attempts at bro talk should form the basis of numerous one-liners you and your buddies can bandy about for years to come – just give the whole ‘slap a da bass’ thing a rest, it’s been done.

Any good? Yes. It actually is good. Round up your similarly lonely friends, stick it on, and celebrate the single life.

6) The Fundamentals of Caring

Fundamentals of Caring

Where to watch: Netflix

What is it? Another Rudd entry on our list, this is a Netflix original film with a lot of heart, a decent helping of comedy, and a bit of Selena Gomez thrown in. And why not. She started on the Disney Channel and now she’s falling for disabled teen Trevor (Craig Roberts) as he travels the country with his new carer Ben (Rudd) in search of adventure in The Fundamentals of Caring.

Any good? This Netflix creation is one of the company’s best, amidst its sea of constantly growing, and incresingly mediocre content. It features some fantastic performances from the central cast that deliver some endearing comedy between the well-paced drama.

7) Santa Clarita Diet

Santa Clarita diet

Where to watch: Netflix

What is it? Hmm. What can we say? It’s… er… well Drew Barrymore is a zombie, and Timothy Olyphant is her husband. It’s designed to appeal to the voracious appetite we as an audience seem to have for zombie-themed stuff, with some “offbeat” comedy thrown in. It’s delivered in a series of 10 episodes, with a good helping of violence along the way to up the absurdity.

Any good? Some of us are three episodes in and have this to say: no. Others find this zombie comedy a bit basic, but easy enough to watch when there’s nothing else on. It won’t suit all tastes, but it’s worth finding out which camp you fall into.

8) Brooklyn


Where to watch: Netflix

What is it? It’s an Oscar-nominated, BAFTA award-winning romantic drama that’s sure to satisfy the discerning romantic streamer. Eilis Lacey is a young Irish girl, who after visiting Brooklyn in the 1950s starts to become torn between her past and her future. Oh, and when she’s in Brooklyn she falls in love, of course, so there’s the romance part taken care of.

Any good? Both the Academy and the British Academy seemed to enjoy it, and it did pretty well at the 2015 Sundance Film Festival. In other words, Brooklyn’s got the critics convinced, so if that’s the kind of thing you’re looking for, knock yourself out.

9) Carol


Where to watch: Amazon Prime Video

What is it? If you’ve just watched Brooklyn and can’t bear to leave 1950s New York, why not stick Carol on and keep the critically acclaimed party going? Cate Blanchett gives a characteristically memorable performance as Carol, who falls in love with aspiring photographer Therese Belivet (Rooney Mara) and begins a forbidden love affair. If you want to get the passion going this Valentine’s why not indulge in something high-brow and thought-provoking?

Any good? Six Academy Award nominations, five Golden Globe Award nominations, and nine BAFTA nods. Did it deserve them? You’ll have to watch it and make up your own mind.

10) Z: The Beginning of Everything

z beginning everythnig

Where to watch: Amazon Prime Video

What is it? Looking for something more substantial than a film? Want to mark the start of a beautiful new relationship with a thoroughly bingeable new series? If that’s the case, why not give Amazon’s Z: The Beginning of Everything a go? It’s all about the original flapper Zelda Sayre Fitzgerald (Christina Ricci), icon of the Jazz Age and wife of F. Scott Fitzgerald (Gavin Stenhouse). There’s a tonne of romance here, so you’ll have plenty to feel all sentimental about. The show is a fictionalised account of events, but that just means it’s far more interesting, so start your new binge relationship asap.

Any good? Christina Ricci is supposed to be excellent and the Amazon reviewers have been rather taken with this effort. Thus, despite the fact we’re yet to stream this no doubt glorious entry in the Amazon canon, we’re going to say it’s worth a go.

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Let us know if you’ve got any other suggestions in the comments.

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