Best Kodi Box 2018: Top Android TV set-top boxes for Kodi streaming

Kodi is one of the most popular streaming platforms around, but it won’t run on just any ol’ set-top box – for most people, an Android TV-powered device represents the easiest way to get what’s known these days (for better or worse) as a ‘Kodi box’. Here’s are some of the best ones you can buy in 2018 to get started with Kodi today.

Popular streaming platform Kodi might have some unsavoury connotations, but the fact is it’s a perfectly legal piece of software designed to help cord cutters build the ultimate streaming system.

Looking to get started with all things Kodi? All you need is a decent Android TV box, and while there are loads and loads of options out there, we’d recommend going with a name brand, as there are safety issues surrounding a number the cheap and cheerful devices you’ll see advertised on the internet.

Let’s get started with the best of the best.

The NVIDIA Shield TV is the most powerful Android TV device around. Despite its slender design, this 4K box packs some serious welly, coming not only with HDR support but a Tegra X1 graphics card and 3GB of RAM, so it’s also amazing for gaming.

It’s also the easiest device to install Kodi on, making it a great option for most people, though its £190 RRP means it’s not for everyone.

Those after a much cheaper but still incredibly capable Kodi streamer should look no further than Amazon’s incredibly versatile Fire TV Stick and big sibling the Fire TV 4K. It’s pretty straightforward getting a Kodi on Fire TV devices, and the dongle and box both support most popular streaming services, including Prime Video, Netflix, iPlayer, YouTube and Spotify.

Better still, Amazon is cutting the price of both these devices from 9am GMT on Wednesday, February 7.

Alternatively, save some space (and even more money!) and still enjoy a great Kodi (and all round streaming experience) with the marvellous Fire TV Stick.

These are currently the three best Kodi-friendly Android TV devices on the market – again, we wouldn’t recommend no-name Android TV boxes, due to safety concerns.

There are plenty of other ways you can equip yourself with Kodi, from new-gen consoles like the Xbox One X and Xbox One S, to Raspberry Pi and Linux-based, but Android TV devices offer the ideal combination of usability and affordability, in our opinion.

The newly announced Asus Chromebox 3 also holds some promise further down the road, but we’ll need to wait for it be released so we can test it out for ourselves before recommending it.

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