The Best iPhone X Deals in the UK for January 2019

Best iPhone X Deals: Apple’s previous flagship phone is now more affordable then ever, making for some fantastic iPhone X Deals that can be found right here.

With the release of the iPhone XS and the iPhone XS Max, the iPhone X is no longer Apple’s flagship phone but it still stands as one of the company’s top-tier devices. Given that most of the major updates for the new range are internal, there’s very little on the surface to separate the iPhone X from its successors. Plus, the high price tag for both the iPhone XS and the XS Max is sure to make the iPhone X a far more desirable option for some over the coming months.

The best iPhone X deals right now

These are our pick of the best iPhone X deals available, offering you a lot of data for your money. Right now, you don’t save any money opting for a lower data contract, so there’s no reason to not go for more data than you need. You never know when you might need the extra data, too.

Top iPhone X deals right now

iPhone X 64GB – 50GB of data on EE

Get the iPhone X with absolutely nothing to pay upfront and double the usual amount of data on the best contract currently available.

iPhone X 64GB – 75GB of data on O2 (use code TRUSTED10)

If you want even more data and don't mind an upfront cost, then this is the deal for you.


More of today’s best iPhone X deals

If the above hand-picked deals don’t meet your needs, you can use our handy mobile contract comparison tool. Just pop in your preferred amount of data, how much you’re willing to pay upfront, or what you’re willing to pay each month and you can filter contracts from all of the big networks and retailers to find the perfect iPhone X deal for you.

Best SIM-Free iPhone X Deals

If you’re happy to stick with the SIM you’ve got then let’s cut out the noise and get right to the point on where to find the best price for a SIM-free iPhone X.

Best iPhone X Deals – SIM-Free

Apple iPhone X, 64GB – Space Grey

Amazon has slashed the price of the iPhone X, taking it down by over £100.

What you need to know about the iPhone X

iPhone X back

Trusted Reviews score: 9/10 – Recommended

Review verdict: “The best iPhone I’ve ever used and one of the most exciting phones of 2017. People will baulk at the price and make silly jokes about the notch, but if you’re happy to spend then you won’t be disappointed.”

While Apple launched the iPhone X, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus all at the same time, it’s the iPhone X that is the most coveted of the three. It’s the model to mark the tenth anniversary of Apple’s famous smartphone (hence it’s meant to be pronounced iPhone ‘ten’).

After Apple released a few generation’s worth of iPhones that all largely looked the same, the iPhone X introduces an iconic and easily-recognisable new design. One noticeable change is the ditching of the ‘Home’ button everyone had grown to associate with the iPhone.

By taking it away, it means the iPhone X now has more screen than any iPhone before, with a much higher screen-to-body ratio that reaches practically edge-toe-edge now. Instead of the Home button, you now use gestures to navigate your way around, making for a more intuitive experience and offering way more screen than before.

iPhone X back

It’s a beautiful 5.8-inch OLED HDR screen, too, that makes colours look gorgeous. Removing the bezels means you get more screen in a body that’s actually smaller than the iPhone 8 Plus. So perfectly pocketable but with loads of display.

There are also dual cameras on the back with optical image stabilisation for sharper shots. They’re some of the best we’ve seen from a smartphone. Now that the Home button is gone, that means no Touch ID. In its place you have the more user-friendly Face ID to securely unlock your phone using the front-facing camera. This clever tech also allows for new Animoji or ‘animated emojis’ that inject more personality in your messages.

Because the back is now made from glass, the iPhone X now also supports conveniently wireless fast charging. Goodbye frayed Lightning cables.

iPhone X not the phone for you?

Consider these:

How to choose the best iPhone X deals for you

iPhone X

Make sure you have enough data

Practically every contract is going to offer you more than enough minutes and texts than you’ll ever need, if not just providing an unlimited amount. Most people will therefore prioritise how much data is provided each month, as this will impact how much browsing and streaming you can do.

As more and more of us use the likes of iMessage, FaceTime, WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger to message and call one another, traditional texts and minutes are also becoming more redundant. It’s all about that data when picking the best iPhone X deals.

If you’re going to be a moderate data user – such as streaming only a little Netflix, YouTube or Spotify over 4G – then you’ll want to aim for at least 5-10GB of data a month. If you plan on tethering your 4G connection, so that you can have internet access on your laptop or tablet, you’ll likely want to have at least 15GB of data each month, if not more. Just be sure to check how much data you’re allowed to use while tethered, as some operators limit your use.

Compare contract prices between lower data and higher data tariffs, too. Increasingly, you get a much better deal for more data, sometimes paying the same money as you would for less. There’s really no reason not to go for more data than you think you might need in that case. It’ll leave you some breathing room if you do suddenly find yourself binge-watching your favourite show on your next train journey.

iPhone X

Decide what you’re willing to pay upfront

As mentioned, the Apple iPhone X is a seriously pricey phone if you buy it SIM free. Not everyone has £999.99 lying around to buy one outright, so a contract is the best way to get hold of a shiny new iPhone and spread the cost.

Different contracts will have different upfront costs, which is the amount you pay at the beginning for the iPhone X. Paying more at the beginning can mean paying less each month, and vice versa. Typically, if you pay more upfront you’ll spend less over the course of the contract (called the Total Cost of Ownership or TCO).

To work out the TCO of a contract, simply multiply the monthly cost by the term of the contract (typically 24 months), then add the upfront cost. When finding the best iPhone X deals, you might be put off by a higher TCO, but keep in mind your personal financial circumstances. While you might end up paying more in the long run, a lower upfront cost could be the key to landing yourself your perfect phone while spreading the cost to something you’re comfortable with.

How to pick a network provider

Beyond just the price of the contracts, there are a range of reasons to think about what network provider you want to sign up with.

In the past, you might have gotten perks like free calls to the same network, but considering you now get more minutes and texts than you’ll probably ever need, making sure you’re on the same phone network as your friends and family is no longer an issue.

But there are other things to consider when deciding which network provider to use.

First off, you’ll want to make sure you have good network coverage for both calls and 4G. You don’t want to find out you’re living in a blackspot. You can check the network coverage of the big networks using these links:

Just pop a postcode in and you’ll be able to see everything from 2G, 3G and 4G coverage. Be sure to check any places you’ll regularly be using your phone such as your home and work.

Three wi-fi calling

Wi-Fi Calling

One way to get around spotty network coverage is Wi-Fi Calling. This is a feature now supported by all four of the UK’s big network operators and essentially lets you use a Wi-Fi internet connection to make and receive calls and texts.

This is far more reliable and better quality than relying on network reception and lets you still use your phone anywhere you have an internet connection.

Your call minutes and text messages are still taken out of your standard tariff when using Wi-Fi Calling.

It simply requires you to turn on the necessary settings on a compatible phone. You can find out more about each network’s Wi-Fi Calling and how to activate it here: EE | Three | Vodafone | O2.

Network perks and benefits

Each network also offers some perks to entice you and we’ve listed some of them below:


Go Binge is available on select Three contracts and lets you stream as much as you want from a select number of services, and these won’t count against your data allowance. Services include Netflix, Apple Music and Deezer (you can see the full list here). This is great if you’re a Netflix binger as you won’t have to worry about how much data you’re using. Three also offers ‘Feel at Home’ roaming in 71 countries, letting you use your allowance while abroad.


EE customers can get three months of free BT Sports on their mobile letting you watch a wide range of sports including football and rugby. There’s also six months of free Apple Music for pay monthly subscribers.

EE also supports Wi-Fi calling, so if your phone also has that function, you can make regular calls through an internet connection. Perfect if you ever have patchy network coverage. If you live in London, you also get Wi-Fi on the London Underground.


Certain Vodafone Red Entertainment plans give you 24 months of Spotify Premium, Sky Sports Mobile, Now TV or Prime Video. The latter is a new addition to Red Entertainment’s stable. Some of these services are quite costly, so it’s worth factoring these in when making a choice.

Vodafone has recently announced an expansion to its roaming on Red Entertainment plans, called Global Roaming Plus, adding an additional 29 destinations. This brings its total to 77 countries worldwide where you can use your Vodafone contract without additional charge. There are also an additional 75 ‘Roam-further’ destinations where you can pay from £6 a day for service abroad.

Global Roaming Plus is available to new and upgrading Vodafone customers from September 4th. The original 48 Roam-free destinations can be found here.

The newly added destinations include: Albania, Anguilla, Antigua, Aruba, Australia, Barbados, Bermuda, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Canada, Cayman Islands, Dominica, Ghana, Grenada, Jamaica, Kenya, Lesotho, Mexico, Monsterrat, Mozambique, Netherland Antilles, New Zealand, South Africa, St Kitts and Nevis, St Vincent, St Lucia, Trinidad & Tobago, Turks and Caicos, UK Virgin Islands, USA.


O2 gives you O2 Priority, which can give you early access to tickets to gigs and shows and exclusive offers for O2 customers. O2 also provides free access to certain public Wi-Fi networks across the UK for its customers. O2 has also announced it’s adding more countries to its list of supported roaming destinations, taking the total to 75 countries.

iD Mobile

iD Mobile has the perk of data rollover. This means any data you don’t use from your month’s allowance is added to the next month’s. This gives you a second chance to use it, so it doesn’t go to waste.

Keep your old phone number

Gone are the days of messaging everyone in your phone book to tell them you have a new phone number. Even if you change network providers, you can keep your old phone number.

To port your old number between providers, you’ll need to contact your old provider and ask for something called a PAC code. This stands for Port Authorising Code. Once you have this, just contact your new provider and they can handle the transfer of your number. This usually takes about 24 hours.

You usually have 30 days to give your new provider the PAC code, as they tend to expire after this period. Fear not, you can always request a new PAC.

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