Best iPhone 8 Cases: All the finest cases for your phone

The iPhone 8 has officially been revealed, and those looking to pick up the new device on September 22 will likely want a snazzy case to go with it.

Well, Trusted Reviews has just the thing, and we’ve rounded up some of the best iPhone cases that will be available at launch.


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Snakehive Pastel Collection

Snakehive has an extensive range of protective cases launching alongside the iPhone 8. Made with real leather, this is a material that feels great and acts as a good, durable layer for the device.

Prices are yet to be confirmed, but you can check them out on the Snakehive website at launch.

Buy Now: Snakehive Pastel Collection from (£20) | ($26) 

X-Doria Dash Case

This thin and transparent case looks relatively lightweight and convenient, protecting your device from scratches without completely hiding away its natural colour. A nice, thin and seemingly durable case that’s also fitted with an attractive leather back.

While not yet available to purchase, the dash case is set to retail for $39.99.

Buy Now: X-Doria Dash Case from (£20) | ($34.99) 

X-Doria Defense Clear Case

Yet another product from X-Doria, this one is a little bit chunkier than previous efforts, but also comes in a range of different colours and styles.


The military-grade, aluminium frame will be available in Rose Gold, Black, Red and Iridescent upon the iPhone 8 launch for $24.99.

Buy Now: X-Doria Defense Clear Case from (£27.99) | ($24.99) 

Ted Baker Collection

Designed with cutting-edge construction and durable protection in mind, the Ted Baker Collection features a range of cute designs for iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus.

Buy Now: Ted Baker Collection from (£35) | ($35.99) 

Available from Proporta upon the iPhone 8 launch on September 22, you can pick one up from £29.95.

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We’ll be adding more cases in the future, so be sure to keep this page bookmarked!