Best Game Speed Runs: 5 awesome gaming speed runs

You think you’re good at games? Think again…

Once most of us have clocked a game, we rely on DLC or multiplayer modes to keep us interested or return the game in question to our libraries. That is, if we don’t have a YouTube channel dedicated to speed runs.
Some players who indulge in this past time aim for records, while others simply want to show what’s possible if you exploit glitches and bugs. Here’s a small selection of speed runs that have one thing in common – they’re all pretty mind-boggling:

Dark Souls 2 In 16 Minutes

If you’ve ever played Dark Souls 2, you’ll know that, like its predecessors it’s an eye-wateringly tough game. You die a lot in Dark Souls 2 – so much so that it repels as many players as it entices. Simply being able to say you’ve finished the game is something of a badge of honour. But what if we told you that one player has not only managed to do this – they’ve done it without dying and in a timeframe under twenty minutes?
Well YouTuber Distortion has done just that. Admittedly he’s done it using broken parts of the game – by using the in-game binocular he’s able to shunt his half naked avatar past monsters and traps that would normally destroy it. Still, success here relies on timing and a working knowledge of the Dark Souls 2 layout, so even if he is cheating a bit, we have to tip our hat to him.

Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!! Blindfolded

Accomplishing a speed run in any game is a feat in itself, but when was the last time you saw someone attempt it blindfolded?
Making this particular speed run even more impressive – as if playing a game blindfolded wasn’t enough – the game in question is Mike Tyson’s Punch Out!! which, if you ever played it, you’d remember was absolutely rock hard. The key to success here is waiting for sound cues and timed moves, although as you’ll see it doesn’t help the brave nutter playing the game once he come up against Iron Mike himself. We’re just impressed he landed a punch before the lights went out.

Portal 2 Co-Op Solo Speed Run

A lot of speed runs generally involve one player trying to cane a game as quickly as possible in single player mode or two players hammering away in co-op. Very few involve one player trying to destroy a co-op mode in record time.

Step forward Azorae, a player who took on Portal 2’s co-op multiplayer mode solo and finished it in under an hour. He even took time out during loading screens and cutscenes to tickle the ivories. Now that’s dedication.

Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes In Under Five Minutes

Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes came in for a lot of flack ahead of its release due to its relative shortness of length. In an age where players expect at least a good six to ten hours worth of playing time – unless the game they’ve bought has a pretty deep multiplayer bolted to it – the fact that the Phantom Pain’s prequel could be finished in around two hours rankled quite a bit.
With that in mind, we hesitate to imagine the furore that may have erupted if the news had emerged that you could clock Ground Zeroes in under five minutes. There are numerous YouTubers who’ve posted clips of their speed runs through the game – none of which you’d call stealthy – but the fastest we’ve seen so far comes courtesy of C&M, who managed to finish Ground Zeroes in 3:33. If you’ve found anyone faster, let us know in the comments below.

N64 classic game triple speed run

So you’ve completed a speed run. You’ve captured the footage of your exploits and flung it up on YouTube. You’re pretty pleased with yourself. So, are you ready for your next challenge? How about trying to clock three games at the same time in under an hour? And one of those games is The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time? Surely, it can’t be done.

Meet Karl Jobst, a bloke who played GoldenEye 007, Ocarina and Super Mario 64 simultaneously and completed them all in 51 minutes. Strictly speaking, Jobst jumped between games every single time a cutscene in one of them took place, but that’s still an impressive feat – especially since he used no glitches or cheats to complete the games.

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