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This week, you can explore the night time sky, seeing how others experience the same world you  walk around. If you’d rather explore a demake of an older game, Delunky has you covered with its Spelunky-inspired gameplay. If some action is what you are craving, you can attempt to break out of a raider’s bunker – killing everyone who took you hostage. Maybe you’d rather wander around a dying world, collecting food, or even summon monsters to fight for you in a mystical world. Read on…

Late Night Observations by Onion & Lenny

Late Night Observations is a relaxing, short, walking simulator where you’re on an island at night, surrounded by stars, fireflies, and other characters – each enjoying the peaceful world. You can check out a lake, watch the waves, observe the stars, listen to the music, and hear any character’s thoughts. The forest is very active at night! Creatures stargazing, fishing, wandering around in the trees.

Each person has their own reason to be here in this forest. You can click on them, revealing their thoughts. Most of these thoughts have to do with whatever they are enjoying in the forest – from collecting mushrooms to seeing the stars in the sky.

Late Night Observations is an adorable and wonderful game that is played out in the echo of the stars – a lovely experience if you’re into exploring around in the dark.

Play it here.


Delunky by Johanp

Delunky, a pico-8 demake of the classic indie game Spelunky, takes you back into the caves to gain treasure and avoid traps! You are looking to gain as much treasure as you can before the traps of this mythic dungeon destroy you. With your trusty whip, a couple of bombs, and a few rope ladders, you can explore procedurally generated levels collecting coins.

Spiders, bats, and large-scale traps are also in this dungeon – all taking reference from Spelunky. Eventually, you’ll be tempted to take more than just the coins, and might grab golden skulls releasing large boulders that will look to steamroll you. Delunky does a wonderful job of making Spelunky perfect in the Pico-8 console.

Play it here.


Barbarian Trash by Bagedum

Barbarian is challenge, 2D action game where you must fight your way out of the base of some raiders. You were the guard of a caravan on its way to a settlement to exchange various items. A gang of robbers ambushed you killing most of the other guards and taking a few prisoners. You are one of these prisoners, now living in an abandoned bunker, having been made into a slave.

Not wanting to live this captured fate, you have broken out of your cell at the bottom of the bunker and must fight your way back to freedom. At first, you only have your fists to take on each and every guard. Some of these guards have guns, some bats and other blunt objects, others are armed in the same way as you. You must make it through to the end of each area of the bunker – not necessarily killing everyone, but surviving to the end. If you do kill one of the enemies, there is a chance they may drop their weapons, ammo, or health. You will start to need new weapons if you’re going to make it out – and Barbarian has plenty of weapons to offer! See if you can make it out alive. It’s pretty janky, but there’s a charm to it when you’ve learnt to survive the first hallway. 

Play it here.


Resurgent by T-Harris

Resurgent sees you playing the role of a survivor in a post-apocalyptic world. You are going through room to room of these strangely connected houses, primarily looking for food. Water is contaminated and food supplies have been dwindling for some time. You now are looking through seemingly empty houses, exploring and hoping to find things that will help raise your constantly decreasing health.

As you explore, picking up food items and newspapers, you will be given bits of story about what’s happened to the world. You seem to be the only one left – until suddenly you find some… creatures. These previous people have turned savage, looking to destroy living beings. You need to avoid them at all costs to stay alive.

Most rooms are dark until you’ve gotten to a point where you can see into them, forcing you to be careful with your movements. Some doors are locked or blocked so they cannot be opened, but there are a lot of paths to take when it comes to moving around this dying world.

Resurgent is very well written, providing a very interesting experience.

Play it here.


SpiritOath by TriangleSquare

SpiritOath is a stunning RTS game where you must command  animal troops, build up your board, and create spawn points for various creatures. You are dealt three cards at a time which all can be played in the field to increase the land’s size and hopefully connect up to create spawn points. Some of these cards have arrows on them, showing the way that the magic points on the card. You need to connect these magical lines, so that there is no open area, to create a spawn point.

The more cards that are connected and the longer the lines are, the more powerful your creatures from that point will be. Some cards have multiple points coming off of them, allowing you to build large lines and create epic creatures. Creating these creatures isn’t the only thing you need to do in SpiritOath. As you add more tiles to the screen, your view will increase, showing you the land.

There is an enemy doing nearly the same thing as you, looking to destroy your creatures, spawn points and base. You need to command your little animals, bringing them to spawn points and eventually the home base of the enemy – destroying everything in their path. If you manage to destroy everything created by your enemy you will win. Eventually you will unlock spells to help you along the way too.

SpiritOath is a really neat game to play, though it may be challenging to completely master!

Play it here.

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