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This week, you can destroy parts of your body to find your lost wife and escape a dystopia or use a claw machine to make a wonderful plate of sushi. If puzzle games are more your thing, you can build a floating island out of biomes and collect gems or shoot Tetris blocks down so that they fit better into their grid. Maybe you’d like to plant dancing flower babies instead and protect them from giant birds. Read on…

Cyborg Seppuku by The Outer Zone

This point and click adventure game has you doing anything for love. In Cyborg Seppuku, your wife has left you, going outside The Structure. The Structure is the name of the city you, and anyone else with modifications, are trapped within. You see, most people have been modified – either to become a better version of themselves or to fix something that may not have been working as intended – and in order to escape you must become modification free. You have a translator to help you understand all languages, some super googles so you can see well, and a metal hand – as your human hand had been destroyed some time ago.

Getting rid of these modifications isn’t an easy task. You will need to wait months to get them removed the legal way, and you don’t know any illegal surgeons, so you are going to need to take matters into your own… hand, and remove the parts yourself. Each modification needs to be removed carefully, following a very precise procedure, so you must gather what is needed and remove these parts as fast as possible. Hopefully, you can get outside the Structure and figure out why your wife has left…

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Catching Sushi by Joan Carles Vegas, Athena AV, Nat Morillo, & Èric Verdalet


In this adorable food and claw machine inspired game Catching Sushi, you get to capture the human-esque sushi that you want to eat! Your bento box sits to one side of the screen, plates of different dishes move across the conveyor belt, and you control a giant claw. You are able to move the claw and drop it down, grabbing on to the delicious pieces of sushi below.

Once you have gracefully grabbed these dancing, smiling morsels of food, you can bring them to your bento box. They will lose their faces and drop like regular sushi into your tray. Once you have filled the box up to the red line, you will finish the game and receive points based on what you have put in the box.

The real joy in Catching Sushi lies in the graphics – between the super cute food and the polished look of everything else, you’ll want to grab every bit of these tasty treats up.

Play it here

Kyobu by Fafa Studio


Ever want to break all of the Tetris blocks so they better fit on the grid, giving you the ability to modify what is going down the screen? In Kyobu, you are given a gun and a character to control on the Tetris field This character is able to shoot blocks to change their size and also to bump the blocks to move them. Each block is made up of little squares – and these square segments can be removed one at a time. This means you can make blocks that fit the spaces you have left. Once the blocks have hit the bottom of the screen, they will turn grey and become frozen. Each time you fill a line, like in the classic game, you will gain points and it will disappear.

You can also dash into blocks to move them to new places on the grid or push them down the grid towards the bottom. Once you start getting lines to disappear, you will move up in level and blocks will start moving much more quickly. This spin on such a classic game is really unique and very fun to play.

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Tiny Kingdom Builder by Oddly Shaped Pixels

kingdom builder

Tiny Kingdom Builder, a charming, little puzzle game, has you trying to build a big kingdom with tons of gems to collect and make points out of. You start off with a middle block with four sides. Each of these sides can have any type of biome blocks stuck to them. These various biome blocks can be dark grass, lighter grass, sand, rock, water, or purple land. You are then given blocks with various types of land, to place onto the screen.

Apart from the middle block, you will need to connect the biomes to new areas by matching at least one of the touching biomes. If one of these biomes have a gem in it, you can connect it to other pieces so that the gem lights up. Once the board is full, matching bits of biome will disappear and activated gems will count to a greater score. Once the board is more clear, you can continue filling it up.

You can also hold a single piece that you don’t want to place – and sometimes rocks come and place themselves on the land – taking up a space that you may have wanted to use. With a giant timer ticking down, you will need to move fast to fill the board and gain more time.

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Day 3 by SawceGames

Day 3 sees you planting flowers and hoping that a giant bird doesn’t poop on anything you love. You are given a few leaves to start the game off – these are the currency you use when it comes to buying more seeds and planting more flowers. You can plant some of the seeds you currently have around your farm, then water them with the water from the lake.

This will keep them alive and allow them to grow into dancing flower creatures. These creatures then drop leaves if you are close enough to them, which you will need to purchase more seeds. Every few days a dog comes along selling new flower seeds to plant into flower dancers. After the dog comes, the very next day, a giant pooping bird appears. You can hide in your home, guaranteeing you won’t get hurt, but this will force the bird to poop on your flower babies.

If your flower babies are too small – or pooped on too much – they will die. On the other hand, if you run around outside distracting the bird, you might get pooped on and also die. Watching your flowers grow into beautiful dancers and keeping them safe is quite the journey. Just be careful to not plant them in a way that leaves you unable to get back to your home!

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