Best Buy Closing 15 January – Sale Begins

Earlier this month, it was confirmed by Carphone Warehouse

that all 11 Best Buy stores in the UK would be closing permanently.

Now in an open letter on the Best Buy website, the company has revealed when

those closures will take place.

Both the physical stores and the UK version of the Best Buy website

will cease trading on 15 January

“We’ve loved bringing our passion for the latest and

greatest technology to Britain

over the past 2 years, and have always had the utmost appreciation, respect,

and commitment to the entire UK

marketplace, our customers and stakeholders,” Steve Jensen, MD of Best Buy UK


Best Buy Europe was formed back in 2008 when Best Buy paid

£1.1 billion for 50 per cent in Carphone Warehouse’s retail division. The first Best Buy Europe store opened in the UK just 18 months ago, in April 2010.

While the closure will be bad news for the 1,100 employees,

the closure does at least bring good news for bargain hunters. Best Buy UK are

offering a wide range of discounts from 10 per cent up to 50 per cent off a

range of products as part of its closing down sale.

The largest discounts are limited to DVDs, Blu-rays and CDs

but there are other discounts with 10 per cent off the likes of MP3 players and

other hardware and 25 per cent off AV equipment.

Source: Best Buy

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