Best Audi Q2 deals

Audi Q2 Picks:

  • Most sensible: Audi Q2 1.6 TDI SE
  • Most fun: Audi Q2 S line 2.0 TFSI quattro S tronic
  • Don’t bother: Audi Q2 Sport 1.0 TFSI
  • Must-have tech: Virtual Cockpit, upgraded MMI system

Comfortable, quiet, extremely well made and available with plenty of new technology but, says Honest John, ‘you’ll have to really want that Audi badge to justify buying a Q2.’

At least it’s cheaper than larger premium-badged models including the BMW X1 and Mercedes GLA, says What Car?, before noting that for the same money you could buy something larger and more practical such as the Seat Ateca.

Auto Express’s favourite engine in the five-engine range (there are two diesels and three petrols, with the option of Audi’s familiar quattro four-wheel drive system on the most powerful of each) is the 1.4 TFSI. ‘Sweet and eager’ it says. What Car? prefers the 1.6 diesel’s blend of ‘price, performance and economy’. It’s the best if you often travel far and fully laden but if you mostly drive in town, the tiddly 1.0 TFSI petrol will, says Auto Express, ‘more than suffice.’

Car and Top Gear say the Q2 is aimed at younger buyers so, presumably, it has entertaining handling. Er, no. ‘A little uninspiring,’ says Top Gear. ‘Like an A3 on stilts,’ says Car, before adding, ‘It has a grown-up, polished vibe with decent ride quality.’

The styling sets tongues wagging. Auto Express loves the C-pillar inserts (‘like those found on an Audi R8’) but warns against going large with the wheels (‘the bigger the wheels, the bigger the bumps you’ll feel’).

Inside, it’s the driving position and visibility that impress What Car?. The infotainment system gets five stars, too, for its seven-inch screen and rotary controller ‘that makes it a doddle to skim through the menus.’

‘Just don’t go expecting vast rear legroom,’ cautions Car. However, it does praise the 405-litre boot (bigger than the Countryman’s but 100 litres shy of the X1’s) and easy-fold seats that take it to 1050 litres.

Don’t expect giveaway discounts, either (around 5% is the norm) but that’s the flipside of low depreciation. If you travel less than 12,000 miles a year, go for the mid-range 1.4 TFSI SE; over that, the 1.6 TDI.

Audi Q2 Rivals:

Mini Countryman
Larger, more refined and better built than before but in the process the Mini SUV has lost some of the things that made Minis great, most notably fun handling. The styling’s divisive, too, and the ride is overly firm.

Mercedes GLA
Chunky styling, lots of equipment and an engine range that includes very economical diesels plus a rip-snorting AMG version, but this posh SUV is let down by a high price, a cramped cabin and a below-par ride and handling experience.

No doubting this sporty SUV’s fun driving manners, efficient diesel engines and much-improved new look but there are question marks over reliability (the old one wasn’t much shakes), refinement and, being a BMW, some high prices.

Seat Ateca
Spacious, fun to drive, good value for money – reviewers say the new Ateca can do no wrong. Oh, wait a minute, the interior is dull and not especially versatile, and basic versions feel a little stripped out, so perhaps not the shoo-in they suggest.

Best review: Autoexpress – Score: 4/5

Previous models:
The current Audi Q2 is the most recent model available.

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