Best Amazon Echo Prime Day Deals in the UK: Day 2’s Live Deals

It's Amazon's centrepiece and increasingly key to a smarter home. Find the very best Echo deals available on Prime Day here

Amazon Prime Day 2019 is here, heralding a bunch of unbeatable deals for Prime subscribers over 48 hours. And you can bet your bottom dollar that Alexa-powered Echo family is going to be right in among them. Read our full coverage of the Best Prime Day deals here.

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As Amazon’s very own range of products, it’s no surprise the Prime Day deals are dominated with a number of significant price cuts across its series of AI technology, including speakers and screens.

With a selection of shapes and sizes to choose from and build up your Amazon Echo ecosystem, there are many deals now live in the Prime Day festivities until midnight today. Stick right here where we’re listing all the on-going Echo deals as they come and go across the next 48 hours.

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What is the Amazon Echo? | What Does the Amazon Echo Do? | Will Alexa work with Nest? | What is an Amazon Echo Skill? | What is the Amazon Echo Show? | What is the Amazon Echo Show 5? | Where to Buy the Amazon Echo? | When to Buy the Amazon Echo? | What is Drop In on an Amazon Echo?

Best Prime Day Amazon Echo Deals

Best Amazon Echo Deals

Amazon Echo (2nd Gen), Charcoal Fabric + Amazon Smart Plug

A great bundle to kickstart your smart home system, enjoy Alexa across both your Echo and Smart Plug, allowing you to turn on an appliance of your choosing.

Amazon Echo (2nd Gen) - Smart speaker with Alexa - Charcoal Fabric

Not feeling the bundle? Well, enjoy this fantastic price cut from £89.99, down to £69.99 and have Alexa as your right hand woman for less.

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Best Prime Day Amazon Echo Dot Deals

Massive discounts on the Echo Dot (3rd Gen)

Echo Dot (3rd Gen) - Smart speaker with Alexa - Charcoal Fabric

One of the best smart speakers just got a huge discount

Prime Day Echo Dot and Smart Plug Bundle Deal

2x Echo Dot (3rd Gen), Charcoal Fabric + Amazon Smart Plug, Works with Alexa

Incredible value for money, this is the ideal starter kit for your smart home with two of Amazon's compact smart speakers, the Echo Dot and one smart plug to make just about any appliance a little bit smarter.

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Best Prime Day Amazon Echo Show Deals

The Amazon Echo Show (Gen 2) just had a huge price cut

Echo Show (2nd Gen), Black + Philips Hue White Bulb E27

The Echo Show (2nd) Gen is an improvement on the first in nearly every way

The Echo Show 5 just had a huge price cut

Introducing Echo Show 5 – Compact smart display with Alexa, Black

Amazon's affordable smart display just became even better value for money

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Best Prime Day Amazon Echo Plus Deals

Amazon's super-sized Echo Plus (2nd Gen) just slashed its price - UK

Echo Plus (2nd Gen) – Premium sound with a built-in smart home hub - Charcoal fabric

The Echo Plus (2nd Gen) is one of the best smart speakers for audio quality

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Best Prime Day Amazon Echo Sub Deals

Best Echo Sub Deals

Echo Sub with Two Echo Plus (2nd Gen), Charcoal Fabric

Build a premium sound system with this superb bundle. Including 2 Echo Plus speakers, the real stand-out in this collection is the Echo Sub with its 6" woofer.

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Best Prime Day Amazon Echo Spot Deals

Best Amazon Echo Spot Deals

Amazon Echo Spot, Black + Amazon Smart Plug Bundle

Want to turn off the lights or switch off the TV as you set your smart alarm clock with the Echo Spot? Why not get this great bundle and turn any household appliance smart with the Amazon Smart Plug.

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Best Prime Day Amazon Smart Plug Deals

Best Amazon Smart Plug Deals

Amazon Smart Plug

Bypassing the need for a smart home hub or even an Echo device, the Amazon Smart Plug goes straight to the source (pun most definitely intended). This nifty little device will turn your sockets into Alexa-controlled outlets with ease.

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Best Prime Day Amazon Input Deals

Limited Time Echo Input Deal

Echo Input (White)

Taking the core concept of the original Echo Dot and stripping it down to its bare-bones, the Echo Input does the devilishly simple job of turning your regular everyday speaker into a smart speaker, powered by Alexa.

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What is the Amazon Echo?

A better question is probably ‘What isn’t Amazon Echo?’ but that would neither be grammatically correct or particularly helpful. The Amazon Echo is many things, namely a gadget that provides you with audio and, sometimes visual, content, all powered by the use of your voice.

Starting with the Amazon Echo, the device fundamentally functions as an AI smart speaker to carry out all your essential tasks. Alexa is the voice of the Amazon Echo and will answer your every request. Ask her about the weather, or even to make an online purchase. She’ll even crack a joke if you ask nicely.

The Amazon Echo is the first speaker that began the long and successful range of Echo, voice-controlled products, including the Dot and Echo Show. The smart speaker is built with seven microphones and beam-forming technology to ensure your every beck and call is a priority. Equipped with Dolby processing, get the crispest sound quality, from the lowest bass to the highest notes and see as your relationship with Alexa grows as she learns and gets to know you.

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What Does the Amazon Echo Do?

The first in Amazon’s series of AI powered gadgets, the Amazon Echo can do far more than simply play music — although it goes without saying using your voice to request Alexa play a certain song will never get boring.

With Alexa as your own personal assistant, the Amazon Echo acts is a valuable addition to the family, functioning as a gateway into the other smart homes dotted around your home. Alexa can also help in setting out your day with reminders, alarms and weather forecast checks. You can also make an order before you run out of any necessities, call loved ones and much more, all with the use of your voice. Simply start your command with “Alexa”, watch as the top of your Echo lights up as Alexa awaits your command.

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Will Alexa work with Nest?

Nest is Google’s smart home division that includes the Nest Thermostat, Nest Protect smart smoke alarm, and cameras. More recently, Google has started to use the Nest brand for its smart displays, so it’s now the Google Nest Hub rather than the Google Home Hub.

This makes Nest quite a big rival to Amazon, and there’s a huge amount of competition there, to the point where there’s currently no Ring Video Doorbell skill for the Google Assistant (Ring is an Amazon company). Fortunately, the same isn’t true the other way around and there is a Nest Skill for Amazon Alexa, so that you can voice-control your devices with an Echo.

With Echo devices, you can control the thermostat and you can view a live video feed from your cameras on display-enabled devices, such as the Echo Show. However, there are some exceptions to how the system works. If you have a Nest Hello doorbell, you won’t get notifications on your Echo devices when someone presses the bell; you only get notifications if you have a Ring doorbell.

Next, the Nest Thermostat E is not supported by Alexa, although the older Nest Learning Thermostat is. This is a strange choice by Google, given that both products work in the same way, so we can only put this down to competition and Google purposefully restricting compatibility.

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What is an Amazon Echo Skill?

Out of the box, Alexa can do a lot already, such as telling you the weather and reading out your next calendar appointments. There are plenty of things that Alexa can’t do, so Skills are the equivalent of apps, giving Alexa new skills.

A big use of Skills is for smart home control, and you’ll typically need one Skill per brand. For example, if you want to control your Philips Hue lights, you’ll need to add the Hue Skill. There are plenty of other Skills, too, from those that tell you a story, to getting the latest headlines from the BBC.

Skills are available in the Alexa app, so you can browse through and add the features that you want from there.

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What is the Amazon Echo Show?

A visual upgrade to the Echo and Echo Dot speakers, Alexa can do everything she does best with the bonus of a screen. Not only can she provide you with all the answers through an audio response, the Echo Show means she can pull up your answers on a screen to go that extra mile. Ask for a recipe, and she’ll provide you with options to shape you into a culinary genius. Compile a shopping list or add to your to-do list and reminders with the ability to ask Alexa to show you anytime. You can even watch a TV show or film while you multi-task, or play music.

If you’ve set up your home with baby cam or smart security cameras, you can ask Alexa to show you any given feed from wherever you are in your house. Much like the original Amazon Echo speaker, you can also control your other smart home electronics too, from lights to your thermostat. Compatible with Zigbee smart home devices, your Echo Show can become the hub of your smart home ecosystem.

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What is the Amazon Echo Show 5?

While the Echo Show gives, in our opinion, the best Alexa experience of any smart speaker, it is quite expensive and a little large, which can make it hard to find somewhere to place it. The answer to those problems is the Amazon Echo Show 5, the new, smaller speaker.

With its 5.5-inch display, the Echo Show 5 is easier to place where you want it: it’s small enough to act as a smart alarm clock, sitting neatly on your bedside table. Even though the new device is much smaller than the old one, it has all of the same features. So, you can use the on-screen controls to set an alarm, you can watch videos and stream footage from your compatible security cameras, and you can get recipes delivered straight to the screen.

The only feature that’s missing from the big device is the integrated Zigbee Hub (see above for more information), which most people will be able to live without. There’s a new interface, too, making it easier to control your smart home devices directly from the integrated touchscreen.

With surprisingly good audio and a low price, the Echo Show 5 is an excellent buy at any time, and it will be a steal if it goes on sale.

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Where to Buy the Amazon Echo?

Many retailers sell Amazon’s selection of smart technology. Other than the obvious culprit of Amazon where you can find all the latest generations (and even refurbished cheaper previous models), big high street chains like Argos, Currys PC World and John Lewis also sell the Amazon Echo and other devices.

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When Should I Buy the Amazon Echo?

While there is a wide range of stores to buy your Amazon products from, with a whole host of deals and bundles, you can always guarantee Amazon to promote its own range with some of the most competitive prices. And it’s hardly surprising that one of the best times to buy an Amazon Echo is Prime Day.

All number of products will be reduced to make for incredible deals on Prime Day — it’s not subject to just those much sought after gadgets. However, Prime Day is one of the biggest sale events of the year, so you can rest assured there will be some massive price cuts on all Amazon’s products, from the Echo and Echo Dot to the Show, as well as their other devices like the Fire TV Stick, Kindle and Fire Tablet. You can count on Black Friday and Cyber Monday to have some cracking offers too; however, we have our suspicions Amazon will always save the best for Prime Day.

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What is Drop In on an Amazon Echo?

As well as acting as a smart assistant and controlling your smart home, you can use your Echo devices to communicate. Drop In is one of the best ways to do this, letting you connect one Echo to another automatically to have a two-way chat. Drop In gives you the same features as making a voice call, but the other side doesn’t have to answer, making the feature a bit more like an intercom system.

For privacy, it’s possible to disable Drop In from working on an Echo device, and you can also restrict who can Drop In on your Echo Devices. The default setting limits Drop In to working with your household only, so you can use the feature as a way of communicating with others in your home. You can allow a specific contact to Drop In, which might be a handy way of keeping tabs on an elderly relative, for example.

Outside of your home, you’re more likely to use the Alexa voice call feature. You can call mobile numbers and landlines for free just by saying, “Alexa, call “. If your contact has an Echo, then the call can be made over the internet for free to that contact’s Alexa devices. If you’ve both got an Echo Show, you can even make video calls.

The final communication options are Announce and Messages. Announce is a feature that works in your own home. With this, you can send a message to all Echo devices, such as, “Alexa, announce that dinner is ready”. It’s a great way of letting everyone in your home know what’s going on.

Messages let you send voice or text messages to other Echo devices. This feature can be used inside your home, sending to a specific Echo device, or you can send a message to an Echo device of a friend, provided that they’re in your contacts list.

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