Best Amazon Echo Prime Day Deals in the UK: What to Expect

Prime Day is on the way and we’re already on it to ensure you’re getting only the very best deals, especially where top of the line gadgets are concerned. After a new companion in the form of Alexa? Check out our frequently updated deals page for Amazon Echo products.

It’s how every corny apocalyptic movie starts, but we think it’s true that AI might just be taking over. Well, smart speakers, anyway. At the top of the food chain is probably the Amazon Echo, known for its soft-spoken, doting assistant, Alexa, as well as the extensive range of accompanying products to ensure you’re never without an answer to your burning question or request.

Whether you want big (Echo) or small (Dot), screen (Echo Show) or a voice controlled remote for your Fire TV Stick, the Amazon Echo range has got you covered. Not sure where to start? We recommend with our deals. Or you can click on one of the links below to find out more about what exactly these gadgets do.

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What is the Amazon Echo? | What Does the Amazon Echo Do? | What is the Amazon Echo Show? | Where to Buy the Amazon Echo? | When to Buy the Amazon Echo?

Best Prime Day Amazon Echo Deals

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Best Prime Day Amazon Echo Dot Deals

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Best Prime Day Amazon Echo Show Deals

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Best Prime Day Amazon Echo Plus Deals

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Best Prime Day Amazon Echo Sub Deals

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Best Prime Day Amazon Echo Spot Deals

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Best Prime Day Amazon Smart Plug Deals

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Best Prime Day Amazon Input Deals

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What is the Amazon Echo?

A better question is probably ‘What isn’t Amazon Echo?’ but that would neither be grammatically correct or particularly helpful. The Amazon Echo is many things, namely a gadget that provides you with audio and, sometimes visual, content, all powered by the use of your voice.

Starting with the Amazon Echo, the device fundamentally functions as an AI smart speaker to carry out all your essential tasks. Alexa is the voice of the Amazon Echo and will answer your every request. Ask her about the weather, or even to make an online purchase. She’ll even crack a joke if you ask nicely.

The Amazon Echo itself is the first speaker that began a long successful range of Echo, voice controlled inspired products, including the Dot and Echo Show. The smart speaker is built with seven microphones and beam-forming technology to ensure your every beck and call is a priority. Equipped with Dolby processing, get the crispest sound quality, from the lowest bass to the highest notes and see as your relationship with Alexa grows as she learns and gets to know you.

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What Does the Amazon Echo Do?

As a smart speaker, it’s probably obvious to say you can play your music through it. That said, you might not know that, although an Amazon product, the Echo doesn’t limit you to streaming songs exclusively through Amazon Music. You can also sync up to the likes of Spotify and even Apple Music now, as well as using apps like TuneIn to find those radio waves.

The best part about a hands free speaker though is of course, Alexa. Start your command with “Alexa” and the top of your speaker will light up as she awaits your command. From the weather to asking her to make an online order, setting a timer or making a call, she’s here for it all. If you’ve got an Audible account you can even have you’re the book you’re currently reading read aloud to you — this is what actual dreams are made of.

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What is the Amazon Echo Show?

A visual upgrade to the Echo and Echo Dot speakers, Alexa can do everything she does best with the added bonus of a screen. Not only can she provide you with all the answers through an audio response, the Echo Show means she can pull up your answers on a screen to go that extra mile. Ask for a recipe and she’ll provide you with options to really shape you into a culinary genius. Compile a shopping list or add to your to-do list and reminders with the ability to ask Alexa to show you anytime. You can even watch a TV show or film whilst you multi-task, or play music.

If you’ve set up your home with baby cam or smart security cameras, you can ask Alexa to show you any given feed from wherever you are in the home with your Echo Show. It goes without saying, much like the original Amazon Echo speaker, you can also control your other smart home electronics too, from lights to your thermostat. Compatible with Zigbee smart home devices, your Echo Show can become the hub of your smart home ecosystem.

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Where to Buy the Amazon Echo?

It goes without saying many retailers sell Amazon’s selection of smart technology. Other than the obvious culprit of Amazon where you can find all the latest generations (and even refurbished cheaper previous models), big high street chains like Argos, Currys PC World and John Lewis also sell the Amazon Echo and other devices.

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When to Buy the Amazon Echo?

Whilst there are a wide range of stores to buy your Amazon products from, with a whole host of deals and bundles, you can always guarantee Amazon to promote their own range with some of the most competitive prices. And it’s hardly surprising that one of the best times to buy an Amazon Echo is Prime Day.

All number of products will be reduced to make for incredible deals on Prime Day — it’s definitely not subject to just those much sought after gadgets. However, Prime Day is one of the biggest sales events of the year, so you can rest assured there will be some massive price cuts on all Amazon’s products, from the Echo and Echo Dot, to the Show, as well as their other devices like the Fire TV Stick, Kindle and Fire Tablet. You can count on Black Friday and Cyber Monday to have some cracking offers too, however we have our suspicions Amazon will always save the best for its very own sale and that’s Prime Day.

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