BenQ Unveils ‘Sexy’ New LCD Panel

Technology meets fashion as BenQ launches its latest LCD panel during the Milan Fashion Week.

Yesterday, at a rather unusual press launch for an IT related product, BenQ, literally unveiled its new 17 inch LCD panel. A so called ‘lifestyle’ product, BenQ is hoping that the FP785 will appeal to the glitterati, rather than just a mainstream IT audience.

To emphasis this desire, BenQ launched the product at Milan Fashion Week. As you might expect, TrustedReviews doesn’t get invited to many fashion shows, so it was an opportunity we took full advantage of. The fashion show was held in the impressive surroundings of Sforzesco castle in Milan.


At the glitzy ‘Just Cavalli’ fashion show, one of the models actually walked down the catwalk carrying the monitor.


This may have been an unusual accoutrement for a model, but she was at least assisted by the fact that the display has a large handle that enables the monitor to be easily carried around.

The 17in screen is surrounded by a silver bezel with the built-in speakers hidden behind red cloth. Designer Roberto Cavalli commented, “Two leading design houses have made style and innovation the distinctive features of their creations”.


BenQ has already received praise for the FP785, and the unit has been awarded the IF Award for Design in the Product Design category. The IF awards is a high profile design award, attracting over 1,800 entries from 30 different countries every year.

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