Belkin Makes MIMO Affordable

Mixes many of its Pre-N goodies into a new mainstream regular range.

With the ongoing uncertainty surrounding Pre-N and Draft 802.11n equipment many have been unsure whether to upgrade their home networks or not. That’s a shame because, apart from the speed increase, these products offer a host of technological improvements over their older brethren. Thankfully, Belkin has come up with a cost efficient compromise.


The G+MIMO range does exactly what is says on the tin: incorporate MIMO technology into the tried and trusted 802.11g standard. Products will be compatible with b, g and eventually n networks and across all manufacturers.

I’ve covered MIMO in the past, but for those with amnesia, learning difficulties or for the masses of noobs who have turned up over the last six months sending our traffic skyrocketing so high it required us to completely re-code the site I’ll slap on a happy face and run through it one more time.


MIMO uses what is coined as ‘Smart Antenna Technology’ and this transmits multiple signals and receives back those signals as whole data packets. This ensures signals are received faster and that they can travel further. In English: it creates a quicker, more reliable, larger range WiFi network.

Of course, the kicker here is the cost with Belkin pricing its G+MIMO Router, Modem Router, Notebook Card and USB Adapter at just £69.99 and £89.99 with both the card and adapter priced at £39.99. Even more shiny is the fact that the whole lot are now available from PC World, Dixon’s and Curry’s. Happy non-draft, non-risk, non-financially destructive shopping.

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