Belkin Begins A Wireless[USB] Wonderland

To the bin with you cables! Be gone, be gone!

By now you should all know about my lusting for Wireless USB (WUSB), well Belkin just made me a very contented man indeed.


On the back of Wisair’s prototype, Belkin has introduced its own WUSB hub, one that doesn’t even require cables to connect to a computer (now that’s progress for you). This means it can be put anywhere in a room, your computer and USB peripherals likewise and they’ll chatter together like cheery little songbirds.

With data transfer rates 100 times faster than Bluetooth and compatibility with over 700m existing USB devices from printers to scanners, hard drives to MP3 players this is the first must-have accessory of 2006. In fact, the technology behind it: Freescale Semiconductor’s Ultra-Wideband (UWB) technology is so quick Mpeg2 and HDTV can be broadcast wirelessly in real time. Just think of the possibilities…

Expect to see a zillion more of these hubs (Belkin’s is specifically called the ‘CableFree USB Hub’) as the year progresses, along with increasingly innovative devices to take advantage of it. Pricing has yet to be finalised, but it will begin shipping in early Spring.

If by this time in 2007 I am the proud owner of a dual core laptop with series ‘eight’ graphics card, WiFi Digicam and High Def Blu-ray cinema setup all interconnected by WUSB you’ll be reading the stories of a rather smiley News Ed indeed.

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