Be ‘Limited’: PAYG ADSL2+ Launched

Be the fastest kid on the block for as little as £15 per month.

It was in my Christmas List recommendations and now ADSL2+ is even more mind-bogglingly affordable.


Gold medallists at getting the technology into the marketplace Be Unlimited are again the pioneers in cutting its costs. For under £15, ‘Be Lite’ will be the nation’s first capped ADSL2+ service which transforms itself into a Pay-As-You-Go connection should you exceed your allocation.

As the ambiguous sentence above suggests, usage allowance and PAYG costs have yet to be set, both factors which will make or break this UK first. If Be can keep the pricing in line with its early exploits, however, this could be a real winner since customers will still receive the same free ‘Be Box’ wireless router as those on the heftier uncapped package as well as access to 24/7 tech support.

Of course, there is a certain linguistic irony in the introduction of a metered service from a company called ”Unlimited”, but I’m sure we’ll all survive this semantic faux pas somehow…


Be’s pricing has been unveiled at just £14 per month. Useage is limited to 1GB per month however (chicken feed on an ADSL2+ connection), and increasing the allowance is charged at £5 per 5GB.

Be Unlimited