BBC Offering Free Internet Access

All you need is a Wi-Fi device and a hotspot from The Cloud.

Considering that McDonalds just bolstered the coverage of Wi-Fi network, The Cloud by some 1,200 restaurants (in the loosest sense for the word) now is a great time for a large company like, for example, the BBC to offer free Wi-Fi access to it’s online services. It will surprise few, then, that co-incidentally, the BBC is doing just that.

In a deal with The Cloud, both the BBC website and iPlayer downloads will now be absolutely free anywhere covered by The Cloud’s network, which includes 8,500 access points, located in pubs, hotels and restaurants and the entirety of the City of London. In fact, you’re better of just checking the site for your nearest access point.

Any Wi-Fi capable device will be able to access the hotspots, however only notebooks will be able to access iPlayer content – hardly a huge sacrifice. So, grab those cracked-for-UK iPhones we in no way endorse you having, head on down to your nearest access point and enjoy.

BBC press release