BBC iPlayer Gets Launch Date

What, no more delays? Well...

The BBC is good at two things. The first is taking an age to make a decision on ”anything” and the second is then doing that thing very well. So praise be, we now have a launch date for iPlayer…

27 July is the fabled date and about time too considering the TV on-demand service first went on trial way back in October 2005. Since then it has changed its name twice (from iMP – Interactive Media Player – to MyBBCPlayer (eeek!) to iPlayer), had another trial in November 2006 and been rather cannibalised by the BBC Trust.

As it stands however the much anticipated software – which incorporates a media player, EPG (Electronic Programme Guide) and download client for both TV and radio – is just five weeks away but (typically) will be an open beta (clearly couldn’t be finished after such a short, concise development period) for Windows XP users. That’s right, Vista sufferers and Mac users will have to wait.

The bonus however is a mobile version of the service is now also being touted which is fantastic news, as long as it arrives before 2010.

A video showcasing iPlayer can be found here and we have the url for the iPlayer site, but it won’t go live until launch day. As the saying goes:

(s)Bloody(/s) Good Things (s)Better(/s) Come To Those Who (s)Suffer(/s) Wait (s)a Ridiculous Amount of Time(/s)

iPlayer Video
iPlayer Site not live yet (unless you hack the login and password)