Battlefield Hardline slips to 2015

EA’s forthcoming blockbuster first person shooter, Battlefield Hardline, will miss its expected October 2014 release slot.

“Today we are announcing that Battlefield Hardline will launch in early 2015,” wrote DICE VP Karl Magnus Troedsson in a recent blog post.

Apparently, Battlefield Hardline developer Visceral received a large amount of feedback from the game’s beta last month. This has led to the decision to delay the final game in order to implement some of these suggestions.

“We’ve been pouring over the data and feedback, and have already been putting a lot of it right into the game and sharing it directly with you,” says Troedsson.

It’s not just a matter of fixing issues and removing annoying features, either. According to Troedsson, “this feedback also spurred us to start thinking about other possibilities and ways we could push Hardline innovation further and make the game even better.”

Of course, it’s easy for a developer to speak in such generalisations when explaining away a missed release date, but Troedsson goes on to name some of the aspects of Battlefield Hardline that will be improved as a result of this delay. He names three key areas: Multiplayer innovation, single player story depth, and stability.

On the multiplayer side, in particular, the company will be adding some new feature ideas direct from the community that will “evolve the cops and criminals fantasy into a truly unique Battlefield Multiplayer experience.”

After the disaster that was (and indeed is) Battlefield 4, with its numerous problems and patently unfinished state, it’s probably a wise decision to ensure that the next game in the series is a solid piece of work.

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Via: Eurogamer