Battlefield Bad Company 2 Annnounced

Alongside Battlefield 1943.

If you read our review, played the game, or both, you’ll know Battlefield: Bad Company was one of the better EA games of last year. Having invested few hours into it myself, I can testify to being one of many eagerly awaiting the announcement of a sequel. So thanks be to EA for answering my plea.

We’re promised that the crew of ‘B’ company should bring back leaving a similar trail of explosions and destruction and both online and offline modes will be present again. In fact, the basic premise seems to be Bad Company, but more so.

Announced alongside Bad Company 2 is the unoriginally, but sensible named sequel to Battlefield 1942: Battlefield 1943. From the information available currently, it sounds like gameplay will basically amount to a reproduction of the multiplayer aspect of BF 1942, but in the newer Frostbite game engine that powered Bad Company. This, I hasten to add, is no bad thing at all because BF 1942’s multiplayer was absolutely brilliant.

The game, which will offer support for up to 24-players per online map, is to be made available via Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network and on the PC, so there will eb no excuse for missing out.

Alas there’s no word on specific release dates for either game, but as EA suggests we “get ready for the assault this winter” I can but hope both will be part of the company’s post-summer/pre-Christmas line-up.


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