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Battlefield 4 single-player campaign to feature multiplayer elements

The Battlefield 4 single-player campaign will incorporate several of the multiplayer elements, states DICE.

According to the game’s developer, the Battlefield 4 single-player campaign will take a much more open-world approach to missions than Battlefield 3.

As shown off in the lengthy single-player gameplay demo entitled “Angry Sea”, DICE’s General Manager Karl-Magnus Troedsson also provided some details on the upcoming FPS.

“There are signature multiplayer elements that we want to bring into single-player,” said Troedsson. “We want to give the player a choice. Do they want to go for the sneaky approach with a sniper rifle and a silenced pistol, or do they want to take the jeep and have the entire squad shoot at everything they see?”

Rather than the very linear storyline of Battlefield 3, it seems that BF4 will offer players various approaches to missions, whilst simultaneously ordering AI squadmates about to achieve the desired tactics.

DICE has already confirmed that each mission will take place in increasingly vast combat environments littered with various vehicles, which should provide a stark contrast to Battlefield 3’s penchant for narrow dimly-lit corridors.

Powered by the Frostbite 3 engine, Battlefield 4 will provide an even more dynamic landscape with photorealistic graphics. However, it is the Frostbite 3 engine that also allows the variation in mission approaches.

“It’s about the human element. You can get very up close and personal with your characters – that’s what we want to dig deeper into with Battlefield 4. This is one of the biggest places where Frostbite 3 comes into play.”

Although Battlefield 4 still only has a loose “fall” release date for the current-gen Xbox 360 and PS3 consoles alongside a PC edition, DICE has confirmed that the game will ship for the Xbox One and PS4.

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Via: Official PlayStation Magazine