Bang & Olufsen Reveals Latest Mobile Muddle

Premium audience, midrange features.

Bang & Olufsen may have a high quality rep but recently it has been making some truly hideous and I mean TRULY HIDEOUS products. Could this be better…

While the last joint effort with Samsung was cringe worthy, the B&O ‘Serenata’ is merely ”pfft”. A (tiny) picture has been unveiled courtesy of Russian website Mobitronix and it details a slider with a 1.8in square (!) 240×240 display, 3G connectivity with support for 1.8Mbps, 4GB of onboard memory, audio and video playback functionality and bulky dimensions of 109.5 x 63 x 19.7mm.

Sadly the snap from Mobitronix isn’t the biggest so we can’t get a full look at this oddball but it certainly appears to be a pocket-bulger (not in that ‘good way’). No doubt however, the real killer will be the price which is going to be something astronomical – but with that still currently under wraps I can’t vent my full disapproval in good conscience.

Hardcore fans of style over substance however B&O has another ‘treat’ for you…

Bang & Olufsen

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