Bang & Olufsen BeoSound Moment learns your musical tastes

The Danish soundsters over at Bang & Olufsen have just announced the BeoSound Moment, a smart music system that ‘matches your mood.’

The clever-clogs audio unit learns to your listening patterns, and then adapts to it by suggesting music or radio that fits with the day and time.

It’s thanks to a feature called ‘PatternPlay’, which sees the Moment memorising your ‘musical preferences’ to optimise its recommendations – ‘it only gets better over time’, says B&O.

Perhaps more interesting though is the control input – Bang & Olufsen has built the world’s first touch-sensitive wood interface. Lumberjacks are sure to be swooning.

The panel is built from touch-sensitive oak, and makes use of PatternPlay through the integrated ‘MoodWheel’.

Touching said wheel generates a playlist based on where you placed your finger. Close to the centre of the wheel and you’ll get familiar music.

Touch further out and you’ll be tempted with what B&O describes as ‘musical adventures’. How terribly risqué.

The Moment makes use of both your own music library, as well as a online catalogue of music courtesy of Deezer – that’s good for somewhere upwards of 35 million tracks.

Bang & Olufsen has also confirmed that you’ll be getting regular software updates as part of the package i.e. you won’t be left high and dry post-purchase.

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Marie Kristine Schmidt, VP of Brand, Design, and Marketing at B&O, said: “As a modern, cloud based music system, BeoSound Moment will offer software updates with new features and improvements.”

“We have prepared a firm software update roadmap for BeoSound Moment including the deployment of a very compelling multi-room experience that encompasses both television and other audio products planned for summer 2015.”

Right, so how much is it? Starting January 30, you’ll be able to bag yourself a Moment for a hefty £1795.

For that price, you’ll also be glad to know it comes with 12 months of prepaid Deezer Premium+. It’s the least you’d expect, really…