Baldur’s Gate I and II Coming to iPad

Overhaul Games has confirmed that Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition is coming to iPad in the summer. Before Mass Effect and Knights of the Old Republic arrived on the scene, Baldur’s Gate was Bioware’s top game series. And, you know what, we sort-of miss it. Its sequel Baldur’s Gate II is on the way to iPads as well.

Baldur’s Gate was originally released back in 1998, and was quickly recognised as one of the best role-playing games ever released. It was big, it was fun and it had oodles of interesting characters to meet. Now the epic saga is coming to iPad, first with Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition, while Baldur’s Gate II: Enhanced Edition is also on the way.

The “Enhanced” part of the package means that the interface has been changed, and the game’s Infinity engine tweaked to work perfectly – in theory – on the tablet. It also packs-in the Tales of the Sword Coast expansion and “never before seen” content made for this new version.

Baldur’s Gate: a bit interface-tastic (image credit: Gamespot)

As a classic PC adventure game, there are several interface problems Overhaul Games will have to deal with. Dinky little buttons and enough menus to daze the average casual gamer mean more than a handful of tweaks will be needed to make Baldur’s Gate feel at home on an iPad.

Both Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition and Both Baldur’s Gate II: Enhanced Edition will support the new iPad’s Retina Display, implying the graphics will also be given at least a minor overhaul. These new Enhanced Editions will also come to PC, but as you can already grab the lot from the GOG website, it’s the tablet versions that have us interested.

For now, let’s just bask in a few minutes of its retro glow.

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