Avoid Game of Thrones spoilers with this handy Chrome extension

Game of Thrones has attained an unrivalled level of popularity in our current ‘golden age of TV’.

Everyone is seemingly on-board with GoT, which makes new Chrome extension, GameofSpoils, less a handy browsing tool and more a public service.

The extension, built by designer Stu Blair, will remove any potential Game of Thrones spoilers from Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, and Google News.

What’s more, blocked content will be replaced with GoT-based wit, such as: “a potential spoiler here was burned at the stake to appease R’hllor, because it dared mention the phrase ‘Game of Thrones”.

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The show airs in the US before us Brits get to see it, making Mondays on the internet dangerous territory for any UK-based GoT fan.

But now, we no longer need to spend the beginning of the week carefully navigating the internet for fear of stumbling on a season-ruining spoiler.

GameofSpoils blocks any content that mentions the hit TV show’s title or related terms, and although it doesn’t work across every website, should ensure a spoiler-free experience on the sites most likely to ruin your day.

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And for those brave enough to dismiss the extension’s warnings, you also have the option to click the notification and reveal the blocked content.

Even then, you’ll be given three seconds before it appears, if you hastily change your mind.

GameofSpoils is an open source project, so expect to see an updated version which covers more websites in the future.

You can download the extension for Chrome here.