AT&T Blocks UK iPhone Unlocking Software

Boooooooooo. Hisssssssssss...

The iPhone has been unlocked but we want a simple (and hopefully cheap) way of cracking open our own Apple handsets (especially since we ”still” can’t get them in the UK). AT&T doesn’t agree…

Consequently, Belfast based Uniquephones – which had been due to sell iPhone unlocking software this week – received a 3am phone call last night direct from AT&T lawyers threatening to take high court action.

AT&T argues were Uniquephones to offer the software it would constitute copyright infringement and illegal software dissemination. Understandably (given every other network in Europe leaves the company well alone) Uniquephones was not too impressed saying in a statement: “A substantial delay caused by any legal action would render the unlocking software a less valuable commodity as well as creating unforeseen security issues for the company.”

It forgot to mention it would also break the hearts of fanboys nationwide.

Interestingly, another European based company, iPhonesSimFree, claims it also has developed iPhone unlocking software which it plans to distribute. It is obviously likely to receive the same legal hounding but, being web-based, whether it listens or not is an entirely different matter.

Either way, I have a sneaking suspicion that iPhone unlocking software will start hitting the web no matter what AT&T’s legal beagles do. That’s the wonderful thing about the web: it can give the finger to anyone.


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