Pictures turn up all over the web.

Scant details here folks, but with pictures of ATI’s first graphics card to fully support HDMI-HDCP popping up all over the web it would be criminal not to take a closer look.


”’Image courtesy of DailyTech.”’


As you would expect, the card itself is PCI Express based and comes in a surprisingly low profile design which should appeal to those with SFF cases or heavily packed out systems. There is no DVI connector, but rather a fully functional HDMI connector capable of delivering a full HDCP encoded signal (hip-hip and hooray!).

Furthermore, there a jack for SPDIF passthrough on the card in which all audio channels are routed through the HDMI interface. It is being reported that the job of encoding and serving the protected video signals is handled by a specially designed Silicon Image HDCP TMDS transmitter.

When we will see this card remains a matter for some debate, but with Sapphire confirming it is working on a mysterious HDMI compliant card it is clear that a feature every single one of us would like to see is edging ever closer towards fruition.

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