Asus Transformer 2 to launch this month?

Asus CEO Jerry Shen has claimed the company remains on track to

launch the sequel to its highly-rated Transformer tablet with an expected price tag of $499

(about £325).

According to

DigiTimes, Asus expects to ship between 1.5-2million tablets by the end of the

year. Furthermore, the company is confident that the launch of Google’s next

tablet-specific OS, Ice Cream Sandwich, will give Android a more level playing

field when it comes to competing against Apple’s iOS 5.


It’s widely believed that the Asus Transformer 2 will ship

with a quad-core Nvidia Kal-El processor. This is said to

offer faster performance while consuming less power than the Tegra 2 chip

employed at the heart of the current Transformer (and just about every other serious

Android tablet currently on the market).

It’s as good as a nailed-on certainty that the Transformer 2

will offer the same detachable keyboard that doubles up as an extra battery on the

current model. This is, after all, the primary reason the current model has done

so well against the massed ranks of copycat Honeycomb clones

Will the Transformer 2 enjoy the success of its predecessor?

We fully expect that it will, especially if, as Shen has indicated, the price is

pegged at around the £325-375 mark.

As for the rumours regarding a possible October launch

date, they do seem a tad over-optimistic to us, if truth be told. While we wouldn’t

be surprised to see a quad-core Transformer 2 in the shops before Christmas, we have

our doubts that it’ll be making its debut by the end of this month. Stranger

things have happened though and, naturally, we’ll keep you posted should there

be any more news