Asus Tablet 600 and 810 Windows 8 Tablets Revealed

Asus has revealed its first Windows 8 tablets. The Asus Tablet 600 and 810 boast designs similar to those of the Android-powered Asus Transformer tabs, which could make them the Windows 8 tablets to keep an eye on.

The first Asus Windows 8 tablets have been revealed at the Computex conference in Taipei. Each has its own keyboard dock, suggesting they’ll be similar in-use to the Transformer Prime.

The lower-end of the two is the Asus Tablet 600. It uses the Tegra 3 quad-core CPU, along with 2GB of RAM. Its screen is somewhat-similar to the Transformer Prime’s, 10.1in across and with a Super IPS display – at a higher 1,366 x 768. Brightness is rated at 600 nits, which is high enough for outside use when cranked up. Other specs include dual cameras – eight megapixels for the back and two megapixels for the front, with an LED flash in tow – NFC, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.0.

A little more left-field, the Asus Tablet 810 boasts a similar form and comparable screen tech, but has a slightly larger 11.6in display and – here’s the interesting bit – a Wacom digitizer. This is the tech used in graphics tablets to offer much higher-fidelity stylus input than a normal capacitive touchscreen alone can provide. Asus Tablet 810

The Tablet 810 also uses an Intel Medfield processor rather than the more common Tegra 3 type. We saw a processor from this family in action recently in the Orange San Diego phone and found it to be a worthy contender, next to the Snapdragon S4 and Tegra 3.

Price and release date details for the tablet brothers have not yet been revealed.