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Asus suggests Windows 10 isn’t right for smartphones

Windows 10 is set to unify the increasingly mobile tech landscape later this year, but has already been dealt a blow in its pursuit of smartphone success.

With the company’s Windows Phone platform having failed to generate much interest in developed markets in recent years, Microsoft has pinned its future smartphone hopes on the cross-platform Windows 10.

Now, however, months ahead of the system’s launch, Asus Chairman Jonney Shih has questioned Windows 10’s suitability for smartphones.

The advantage of Windows is productivity and entertainment at the same time,” Shih said speaking with Mashable.

He added: “The advantage [of Windows on phones] is not that much [when compared to iOS and Android] frankly speaking.”

Although Asus is far from the biggest player in the smartphone space, the company’s comments are sure to be a major blow to Microsoft.

If the Redmond-based firm is unable to tempt smaller smartphone players into trialling its latest OS, how will it convince the industry’s biggest players such as Samsung, LG and HTC?

According to Shih, there are two main groups of smartphone shopper – those who want a high-end, powerful device, and those who want value for money. In the eyes of the Asus head, Windows 10 device will service neither group.

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An exact Windows 10 release date has still to be confirmed, although Microsoft recently announced the platform would launch later this year, with the phone-friendly version to land shortly after the PC model.

Recent reports have suggested that Microsoft will look to skirt around carrier approval when issuing updates for the Windows 10 phone platform. This could prove a serious boon when compared with the likes of Android.